How to use the Crystal Card Decks for a Frequency Modality Upgrade

ATTENTION Crystal Shops/yoga centers/bookstores/healing centers /influencers/chiropractors/online places/markets booths/tattoo shops/salons/boutiques/Churches/HOMES

Would you be interested in helping in raising FREQUECIES for ALL now!?:)

Looking forward to seeing Divine Healing/WHOLENESS/UPGRADES/Education through these frequencies in the hands of Divine people one deck or card at a time.

We have seen massive shifts in people/patients/students/families/practitioners using these in their bio-field for educational uses and modalities.

The cards slip easy in your purse, under your pillow, in your kids back pack or lunch box for school, in your car etc.…each carry the frequency of the crystal without the weight of carrying a real crystal/rock.

Used for modalities, or merely flash cards for the curious.

Also, helps us understand what we are buying crystal /oils and what we require.

What we are drawn to
Why we are drawn to it

Savings start at 5 deck bundles, get more than 50 % off for 36 decks of Crystals/ Oils and Decrees Card Decks by Naturopath Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon.

Making raising frequencies Easy, Fun and POWERFULL

Would you join me in this Energy revolution?

Order Today!

With ALL MY Love,
Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon

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