Honoring Gary Young and Insight To His Ascension

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Insight regarding Gary Young’s Ascension… Greater things than these… LIVE at the farm.

⚛️ The Kingdom of God is within.
⚛️ You are the Possible.
⚛️ You carry the Kingdom everywhere.
⚛️ Separation is an illusion.
⚛️ I AM Omnipresence.
⚛️ Re-member, Re-mind, & Stay.
⚛️ Listen for more ….

With over 100,000 watching the live stream of Gary Young’s memorial… Honestly, the whole feeling reminded me of when Princess Diana was honored.

We told and heard so many stories of our Gary …. “he’s a little Indiana Jones, John Wayne, and Chuck Norris…”

He believed in me. He believed in you and us. And this belief allows us to believe we could and can do anything.

“We can do greater things than these” he would remind us…..

Well, Gary, I’ve decided I’m not saying good bye to you. How in the world would I?

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” Rumi

I love you 💕 Gary

I heard several couldn’t login to watch. Click here for the replay. 

I was so honored to be there and be his friend. 💜💜

Here are some clips and photos. Says it all.

🎥 📷  DrSharnael Wolverton Sehon 

Check out my FB f0r more pics and videos. 💜

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