How To Get Your Young Living Essential Oils Kit FREE

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YL_Free Starter Kit

Did you know you could get reimbursed for your Premium Starter Kit just by sharing with your friends? It’s true! Young Living’s member enrollment program allows you to get over $150 in CASH when 3 of your friends purchase their own kit. This means you get your starter kit FREE!

Look what’s inside a premium starter kit:

Premium Starter Kit_sf

Here’s how it works:

GET over $50 CASH Every Time Someone You Refer Purchases a Premium Starter Kit

Step 1: Sign Up For Wholesale Membership

THIS PROGRAM IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR DISTRIBUTORS, so the first thing to do is create your wholesale account and order your own kit. Click HERE to sign up. Once you click to sign up, you can choose any of the premium kits of your choice and complete the checkout process to sign up.

Step 2: Tell Others About The Oils

Share the oils with a friend, family member or co-worker and tell them how they can purchase their own kit to experience the oils. There is a reason people love Young Living essential oils: They Work! Don’t hold all the goodness to yourself, tell people that you know can benefit from the oils and allow them to purchase a starter kit to try the oils for themselves.

Step 3: Use Your Personalized Order Link To Enroll New People

If the person you introduced to the oils wants to order their own kit, simply walk them through the same process you followed when you placed your order.

  • Send them to the order page to sign up as a wholesale member (this bonus program does not apply to customer accounts)
  • Instruct them to choose a Premium Starter Kit (the other basic kits do not qualify for this promotion)
  • This time, instead of using my enrollment / sponsor number, you can use your own! That’s right, once you create your wholesale membership account to purchase your kit, you can now refer anyone to purchase using your link and earn commissions and bonuses each time someone uses your link to place an order. For the Premium Starter Kit enrollment bonuses, you receive over $50 each time someone uses your link to purchase a Premium Starter Kit. Do this 3 times, and your kit is free!

Here is what your order link will look like:

When you share with your friends, simply replace the XXXXXXX with your own member number.

That’s it! It’s that easy. Do this with 3 people, and you earn over $150 just by sharing these powerful essential oils with those you care about and who are closest to you.

Share the Love!

Need to Get Started and Purchase Your Own Kit?

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