Simplify Your Life with Feng Shui God’s Way

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God is a God of Order….are you ready to RE-Member the connection of order , energy and God??

Listen to the link between clutter and health in this class Janet McBride did about the natural laws that simplify your life and enhance the energy that flows through your life using Feng Shui God’s way!


  • What is Feng Shui, really?
  • Biblical and historical roots of Feng Shui
  • Holy spirit, vibrations and creation
  • Clutter and your health — why it matters

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Crystals, Science and the Bible Group w/Dr. Sharnael

Get access to A FULL YEAR MEMBERSHIP of two recorded classes (plus 80+ posts) by Dr. Sharnael about Crystals, Science and Bible in a fun learning environment. And learn:

  • What are crystals ?
  • Can they help us ?
  • What does science say about it ?
  • What do scriptures say about it ?
  • How do we use them ?
  • How do essential oils & other energy partner together?

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Muscle Testing, Energy & Remembering YOUR Highest Choices w/Dr. Sharnael

In this class Dr. Sharnael teaches 4 ways you can test yourself, your family and others and give live demos, ways to strengthen the body test and:

  • What is muscle testing ?
  • How can it help you ?
  • What does science say about it ?
  • How do you apply this to your daily life?
  • What does it mean if you are “upside down?”

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