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[heading style=”2″]Revelations From The Audio Recording On This Page[/heading] This revelation the Lord is releasing scientifically will blow your mind. Essential oils are mentioned or referred to in 1,031 references in bible…46 out of 66 books in Bible…

Bobby Conner’s Word on God’s  Power Using Leaves and Plants

[The Shepherd’s Rod Volume XVI 2011 – Bobby Conner, Given September 2010 for 2011 Year]


The Spirit of God is releasing wisdom for health. Yes, the Healer is Christ the King; however I was shown that God would reveal insights to health. Pray fervently for this breakthrough; the devil desires to release death plagues and diseases on a scale not seen before. We need this Divine wisdom to be imparted in this field because present drugs will not work well against them. As followers of Christ we have been given great authority over sickness and death, it is time to utilize this power. (see Luke 10:19).

Many doctors will begin to utilize both prayer and health. God will release insights regarding leaves and plants that contain properties that will be beneficial to many.

ADDICTED CULTURE (excerpt from page 39)

I was shown a troubling vision. In this trance, I was in a huge convention of what appeared to be doctors in white coats and masks, much like you would expect to see when a doctor prepares for surgery. There were hundreds of thousands of them. Yet, I was shocked–they were being schooled by the devil. He was congratulating them on their success. He stated, “You’ve done an excellent job of controlling many by getting them hooked on prescription drugs. In this vision, suddenly the masks were removed and the most evil and hideous faces were revealed, all these demons responded with a devilish laughter.

When I came out of this event, the Spirit of God asked me a question. “What are you going to do about this?” I felt helpless, so I said, “Lord please give me direction.” He said “Tell them about My Freedom.”

Let me be clear; I am not referring to the cocaine addict or the heroin addict, nor the meth addict. No, I am talking about mothers and fathers who are hooked on prescription drugs, a pill to go to sleep, a pill to wake up–on and on it goes. An over-medicated population–this is a scheme of the enemy to keep people bound. However, great freedom is available through Christ Jesus.
Expect to see many who have been bound in this area set free completely by the power of Christ Jesus (see Is.61:1-3).

Dr. Sharnael Wolverton’s Note: This word was given in 2010. I only found out about this word in 2011. The same month this word was given last year two angels came to me. One was named True and one was named Living. They had an ancient desk covered with volumes and volumes of books all over. I looked through the books and inside were records of people listed one by one.

Name… what they were healed of and what oils were used to heal them. Next, another name… what they were healed of and what oils healed them….and so on and so on…

I looked at the names, amazed. One of the angels said, “Tell them they are not truly living until they are Living True.”

I continued to look at the names and which oils were being used…page after page after volume after volume until one said, “What do you want?” and heart RACING I answered without even thinking, “I want to be a part of that!”

I woke up knowing I would! and YOU CAN TOO!

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