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(These tips come directly from happy Young Living members and customers and are being passed on to you. The company assumes no liability for any damage caused by use of these tips.

lemon essential oil

“I got strings of tar splattered on the side of my car from road work. A commercial, chemical bug-and-tar remover couldn’t touch it. But lemon essential oil took it all off with a little bit of elbow grease!” 

Kenneth Gardner

thieves foaming hand soap

“I hate having to use those oven cleaners that you buy at the store. I already use Thieves® Foaming Hand Soap for the top of my stove, so one day I decided to try it out in my oven. I sprayed it on, waited just a little bit, and it easily took all the grease immediately out of my oven. It took much less time, made much less mess, and smelled wonderful.”

Judy Gray

lemon essential oil

“I am a teacher. One of my students colored the inside of his desk with a crayon, so I had him scrub his desk out with limited results. Then I sprinkled several drops of lemon essential oil inside the desk. He continued to scrub and all the crayon came off. You should have seen the smile on my student’s face!”

David Key

thieves household cleaner

“I never use dish detergent in my dishwasher. I simply add white vinegar and about a capful of Thieves® Household Cleaner. It saves a lot of money by not using a dishwasher detergent and gets the dishes quite clean and germ free.”

Veronica Frierdich

omega blue focus supplement

“My teenage son has trouble concentrating, but he notices that when he takes Omega Blue™ each day, he feels more focused, calmed, and less stressed. I also take Omega Blue when I feel like I need increased focus.”

clarity essential oil supplement

“I teach a Flamenco dance class. Lately I have been diffusing Clarity™ essential oil blend, and I find that all my students are catching on more easily. They are impressed and have asked what oil I am diffusing. They love it.”

Marianna Mejia

stress away roll on

“My job is full of multitasking and stress. This past month I have been carrying Stress Away™ Roll-On in my purse and use it throughout the day. Not only does it help calm and relax, I also get lots of compliments on the scent. Some have even asked me about my wonderful perfume, and then I get to share with them what it is and what it does!”

Miriam D. Lillie

inner defense

“One afternoon recently, my stomach began to bother me, my energy left me, and I developed a generalized sensitivity to cold. I took two Inner Defense™ softgels, bundled up, and took a nap. When I awoke about three hours later, I felt totally fine and have had no further problems.
I am very thankful for Young Living!

lemon essential oil

“I consistently use the following with minimal elbow grease and stellar results: Lemon essential oil is a quicker, safe alternative to Goof Off to remove any type of gummy residue; Citrus Fresh™ essential oil blend removes most paint spots and spills, no matter how old; and peppermint removes Sharpie ink from most surfaces, no matter how long it’s been there.”

Kerin Benjamin

(This tip comes directly from a member and is passed on to you. The company assumes no liability for any damage caused by use of this tip.)

clarity essential oil supplement

“I started diffusing Clarity™ essential oil blend early in the morning while I shower and dress for work. This has allowed me to cut back on my coffee intake, which in turn is better for my health.”

Louise Sullivan

Panaway Essential Oil YL

“I wore brand new boots for a day of travel, not thinking of the consequences. My feet starting becoming uncomfortable on the plane and I still had hours to go before I could change shoes. So I slipped off my boots and grabbed my PanAway®, applying liberally to the big joint bones below my big toes. Quickly I felt much better and I made it the several hours until I was able to change. I love having an arsenal of easy solutions for common discomforts that would otherwise throw us way off track!”

Susan Cottrell

thieves spray

“I discovered that Thieves® Spray can be used as a spray for household plants. I used it on my palm in the bedroom because it’s a bear to move outside and spray with toxic stuff. I kept it in place and tried Thieves. It smelled great and did the trick—no more toxic bug sprays on my plants!”

Jan Mowka

peppermint essential oil

“Each year we gift our neighbors with a consumable item. This year they received our Peppermint Water. I drip one drop of Young Living peppermint essential oil in an empty NingXia Red® bottle then fill it almost full with fresh water. Attached is a decorative card with a special note, a drop of peppermint oil, and our wish for their ReFreshMent.”

Peggy Martin

copaiba essential oil

“One or two drops of copaiba essential oil gives your bowl of oatmeal a very unique flavor. Happy oiling!”

Dave Bobst

ningxia red antioxidant drink

I put some cold water, about twelve ounces, in a blender. Then I clean, peel, and cut up a bunch of veggies like carrots, beets, zucchini, apple, radish, celery, spinach-whatever I have around. And I always add some fresh ginger root. Put them all in the blender with the water. I blend for a minute or two with a few ice cubes and add about three or four ounces of NingXia Red. Depending on how much I make, it can last for several hours. It’s delicious, easy to eat, and so easy to make!”

Diane Mora

thieves essential oil blend

“Before I vacuum, I take out the HEPA filter and put on a few drops of Thieves or whichever essential oil I’m in the mood for at that particular moment and pop the filter back in. The air flowing through the filter disperses the wonderful aroma throughout the room.”

Kelly G. Palazzi

frankincense essential oil

“Before I go to bed, I like to wash off my makeup and put frankincense essential oil on my face. The smell is relaxing and I know it is good for my skin. Also, my pillow absorbs some of the scent so I can enjoy it during the night.”

Andrea Schnitkey

peacecalming lavender

“We recently drove cross-country with our golden retriever, who was quite agitated and nervous riding in the car. We applied lavender and Peace & Calming to the inside of her ear flaps and she calmed down and relaxed much better. It made the trip much more enjoyable for all!”

Barbara Sommermeyer

thieves spray

“I have two little kiddos and I know you need to dilute oils when using them on kids. Recently many of their friends were getting sick, so every day I sprayed Thieves Spray on their chest and feet and rubbed it in a little. It didn’t irritate their skin and they stayed well!

Maggie Witherspoon

purification essential oil

“My son was deployed to Iraq and arrived to find his sleeping quarters being shared with mice. I sent him peppermint essential oil, which he placed on cotton balls around the room, under his bed, and in his bed. He said it worked to help keep the mice out. He also used the Travel Fan Diffuser with Purification to keep down the flies and smells. Thanks Young Living for helping out the war effort!”

Janet Jenkins


My son was deployed to Iraq and arrived to find his sleeping quarters being shared with mice. I

“I love Ningxia Wolfberries! I eat them in soups, cereals, hot and cold salads; I also boil them for fifteen minutes to make a delicious, nutritious tea.”

Olivia Lugo

pure protein

“I like to drink Pure Protein Complete when I feel hungry in between meals and really should not be hungry. I just mix mine with water. It works well to satisfy that urge to eat and keeps me from snacking.”

Cathy Lorenz

Note: Pure Protein Complete is also a great way to control snacking at holiday parties. Before any get-together that promises plenty of cookies, candies, and cakes, add three scoops of Pure Protein Complete to twelve ounces of water and enjoy. Then, smile each time you turn down one of those fattening treats!

thieves essential oil blend

“I love fresh fruit and vegetables, but I find they don’t last very long in the refrigerator before they wilt. My solution? I fill a pot with a splash of Thieves Household Cleaner, add water, and soak them for cleaning. After I shake the water out of the fruit or veggies, I bag them, put in a paper towel sprayed with my Thieves cleaner dilution, and close the bag. My fruits and veggies brighten up in color and stay fresh much longer. They seem much happier too.”

Mary Clowers-Davis

thieves essential oil blend

“I’m new to Young Living, but recently discovered that blending V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex with any variety of essential oils – such as Thieves, Peace & Calming, lavender, or others – makes an excellent moisturizer following a shower. Before towel drying, you can put a small puddle in the palm of your hand and apply it to your body. The water droplets mix with the oil blends and infuse with your skin. The essential oils treat your body and your senses while the V-6 moisturizes your skin.”

sacred mountain essential oil

“I learned that if I put a few drops of Sacred Mountain essential oil blend on my pillowcase at night, the vapors immediately relax and optimize my breathing. I can fall asleep and am able to benefit from it all night. I sometimes also put it on my neck and nose, for added effect.”

Mary Ann Kirby

ylang ylang essential oil

“I have been using essential oils on my underarms and have for the first time found a solution to substitute deodorant and actually smell good all day. I use ylang ylang essential oil now, but have used other oils in the past. I apply a few drops directly to the entire area of my underarm.” 

Patryce Bak

cypress essential oil

“The first oil I used habitually was cypress essential oil. I had really ugly varicose veins from working long hours standing while pregnant with my four children. I have been using cypress oil on my varicose veins for the last year and a half and they are almost gone! I can now wear those nice skirts and shorts without feeling old and self-conscious.”

Marie Paul


Ruth Ann Eppley submitted the following tip:

“I find if I take a ParaFree soft gel internally before going outside among mosquitoes, they don’t bite.” 

Ruth Ann Eppley

thieves non toxic household cleaner

“I tried in vain to get my narrow-necked glass water bottles clean. No brush was long enough to reach the bottom and even running them through the dishwasher did not clean them completely. So I put a drop of Thieves Household Cleaner in one with a little hot water and a teaspoon of clean sand (dry rice also works), shook it up like crazy for a minute, and the bottle sparkled like new. I love Thieves products!”

Zettlyss Amora

thieves soap natural body wash

“My husband travels frequently for business. As a health intuitive, I am very aware of all of the possible problems with viruses, molds, bacteria, yeasts, and toxins. He normally came home with something bothering him. After much discussion, he agreed to bring Thieves bar soap on every trip. The result has been a much healthier husband upon return. Thank you Young Living!”

Linda Luger


Did You Know?
The Ningxia wolfberry has the highest known levels of immune-boosting polysaccharides; four times the beta-cryptoxanthin than the No. 2 source, red hot chili peppers; three times the vitamin C of oranges; five times the potassium of bananas; and 91 percent more fiber than raw oats.

thieves foaming hand soap

“Whenever I notice a spot on my clothes, particularly if it is fresh, I wet the spot and rub Thieves Foaming Hand Soap into the area and no more stain. I have used this method on countless stains. It is so easy and it actually works!” 

Nancy Rosinski

lemon essential oil

“Our children got a hold of a can of black spray paint and decided to color our brand new white minivan. The sides of the van and the front were covered in black when we found them. We used a pressure washer and scrub brushes and nothing was working, it was just putting scratches in my new van! As I stood there, I said to my husband, “Hey, why don’t we try lemon essential oil?” His reply, “Yes, go get it!” So, we started shaking lemon oil all over the sides of the van and with one soft wipe, the black paint came off! I cannot explain my relief. We also ended up using orange and tangerine because that’s what we had on hand. And, my van was the best smelling van on earth.” –

Angela Meredith

art natural skin care

After unsuccessful attempts at clearing up unexplained chapped lips, I decided to try the day and night lotions from the ART Skin Care System. What a surprise when after just two applications of each my chapped lips went away and stayed away! Thank you again Young Living!” 

Chris Behl

orange essential oil

“I use orange essential oil on the collars of my dog and cat, it keeps away fleas and smells great too!” –

Aleen O’Sullivan

Please Note: This tip comes directly from members and customers of Young Living and are passed on to you. The company assumes no liability for any damage caused by use of these tips.

Do You Have Favorite Way To Use Essential Oils? Share It In The Comments Below.

  • Sandy

    I use a few drops of Purification in my laundry load to clean, deodorize and disinfect. For fresh smelling laundry without using chemical laden dryer sheets, add a few drops of purification, lavender, orange or your favorite oil to a washcloth and dry!-Sandy Gayle

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