Seed To Seal™: The Young Living Commitment to the Purest Essential Oils

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Did you know that Young Living is one of the first essential oil companies to produce pure therapeutic grade essential oils?

This means Young Living’s essential oils are made with the utmost care to make sure the oils are pure oils, not diluted by synthetics or fillers. When the oils are in their purest form, they are able to provide the most benefit. This is why it’s best to read the labels on essential oils, as some oils only contain 20% and some as little as 5% of the essential oil itself – the rest is just filler. And this is why Young Living’s essential oils are among the best oils on the planet.

Seed To Seal™: Young Living’s Essential Oils Process

Seed to Seal™ is Young Living’s way of producing essential oils. The process involves 4 steps: Seed, Cultivate, Distill, Test & Seal.

Watch the Video To Learn How Young Living Produces the Finest Essential Oils

As you learned in the video, Young Living takes pride in its proprietary Seed To Seal™ process of producing quality essential oils.

The first step of this process—Seed—involves researching and identifying and documenting the plant species that offer the optimal therapeutic benefits. Young Living collaborates with academic and professional botanists around the globe to document the species at the plant source. This process also involves ensuring the best plant species is selected based on the quality and amount of essential oil can be extracted from the plants once they are harvested.
While some companies use cloned or hybrid seeding, Young Living’s standard go above and beyond cloning and require the use of seed stock from a previous harvest. This also ensures the quality of the plants in an effort to deliver the expected therapeutic results.

Young Living’s Cultivation process includes planting, growing, and harvesting plants for distillation. Through expert cultivation on its four farms around the world, Young Living has mastered growing high-quality aromatic plants for essential oils. These farms, and years of experience perfecting the cultivation process, help ensure members get the results they expect from every bottle of essential oil.
Young Living applies what it learns through cultivating plants on its own farms with its network of worldwide growing partners. Every farm that supplies Young Living with plants and herbs ready for distilling must be visited and certified by a Young Living sourcing experts who continually travel the globe to ensure that only the finest essential oils bear the Young Living name.

In addition to its commitment to choosing the highest quality seeds and cultivating only the best species for Young Living essential oils, the company also has the highest stands for distilling essential oils. Essential oils can be distilled in a variety of ways, but the most common method is steam distillation—a process that utilizes vaporized water that travels through the plant material to gently extract the natural oil. Once the steam passes through the plant material, the oil is carried with the steam through a series of stainless-steel pipes where it condenses and separates from the water. The water is then drained off and the remaining essential oil is taken to the Young Living laboratory for quality testing, which takes us to our fourth step of the Seed to Seal™ process.

Once the essential oils have been distilled, the fourth step in the process is to test the quality and stability of the oils. Each batch of Young Living essential oils is sent through six rigorous tests and compared to established quality benchmarks including: The percentage of plant chemicals in the oil, the names of each chemical or constituent in the oil, the density of the oil, how heavy the oil is as compared to water, how the oil measures against standard flash temperatures, and molecular structure of the oil. Once the tests are complete, the results are compared to past samples. This testing process allows Young Living to continually produce a consistent product, since any new oil is rejected if it does not meet the established profile based on previous samples.

This is the ultimate stamp of Young Living’s high quality standards of producing essential oils. As a final step of the Seed to Seal essential oil production, Young Living completes carefully seals each bottle of essential oils and ships to its members worldwide. When you hold a bottle Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils, you hold a bottle of potently pure and natural essence.

Can you see how Young Living has mastered both the art and science of producing high quality, pure essential oils? The next time you think about getting essential oils, make sure you’re getting only the best.

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