Essential Oil Quality Checklist: 10 Reasons to Think Twice BEFORE Buying Essential Oils from a Store

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Why You Should Not Buy Essential Oils from a Store

I know you’ve seen essential oils in a vitamin store or health food store, but are you getting 100% essential oil. It may seem more convenient to just pick up an essential oil from the store, however, the best oils – those that do not contain fillers or chemicals – are not in a store. The reason for this is simple: Pure essential oils can’t be massed produced at the quantities and speed required to maintain them on the shelves. Want the best essential oil? Follow these tips for choosing the right essential oil for you and your family.

Are You Getting The Best Essential Oil? Check for these 10 Things:


1. Is it synthetic or 100% essential oil? How much essential oil is in it?

Unfortunately, an essential oil can be labeled as “pure” even it it doesn’t contain 100% essential oil. The reason it can be labeled as “pure essential oil” is because the essential oil itself may indeed be pure, however, the rest of the stuff mixed with it is not an essential oil at all. Many of the oils you see in a store are not 100% essential oil. Some have as little as 2% of essential oil and the other 98% is a filler oil, water or worse, chemicals and fragrance.

2. Does it have a red flag warning labels?

Some oils have a warning label: “Keep Out of Reach of Children.” or “Not Safe for Internal Use.”
These labels mean that the oil has been mixed with other things that are not safe for you or your family. While not every essential oil should be used internally, if the essential oil is 100% plant-based, you can safely use it around your family.

3. Is it safe for internal use or ingestion? Can you drink it in your water?

Essential oils that have been mixed with chemicals will never be safe for internal use. Because Young Living’s essential oils are 100% essential oils, many of our oils are not only safe for ingestion, they are often used in capsules as supplements, mixed with teas for detox or weight release, and added to water or other beverages for a quick pick-me-up. Chances are almost every oil you see in the store will not be safe for ingestion. Be careful!


4. Where was the oil sourced?

This is an important thing to know. Young Living has a research and development department dedicated to sourcing the best plant species and farming in countries where the plants naturally grow and yield the best crop for essential oil. Does the oil you see in the store show you where it came from?


5. How diverse is the variety and selection of oils?

Many of the companies that produce the essential oils that you see in the store only produce a certain number of different types of oils, focusing on popular or well known fragrances. Young Living is dedicated to researching and producing a wide variety of oils and a wide selection of oils. At the time of this post, we have over 160 essential oils to choose from and dozens more essential oil based products. All are 100% pure and natural and all of them have properties that are beneficial and support a lifestyle of natural wellness.


6. Does the store have any idea how the oil is made?

Similar to where the oil came from, it’s important to know the process for making the oil? Why? Because the process of extracting or distilling the oil is key to maintaining the oil’s properties and potency. Young Living uses a gentle, proprietary technique for steam extracting essential oils and preserving their precious constituents.


7. Does the company that made the oil have a seal or guarantee?

Because Young Living backs its essential oils with the Seal to Seal guarantee, the company stands behind its promise to be one of (if not THE) best essential oil producers on the planet. To guarantee consistent quality, our oils are tested in Young Living’s own internal labs, as well as in third-party facilities, to ensure that they meet stringent specifications, exceed international standards, and contain the optimal levels of natural bioactive compounds.

8. Is there an expiration date?

Plant-based oils that are 100% pure essential oil do not have an expiration date. Young Living’s pure, unadulterated oils do not expire. To maintain the potency, we do recommend you keep the oils out of direct sunlight and store the oils with the top on, but that’s it. You can experience the benefits of our 100% pure essential oils for several years – that is if you don’t use them all up before then. 🙂

9. Can it be used for more than just aromatherapy?

If the only use for the oil is aromatherapy, this is also a sign that the oil is simply a fragrance oil and not a 100% pure essential oil. To be honest, if the oil is not safe for internal use, do you really need to be applying it to your skin or inhaling it?

10. Are you able to join a community of people who use the oils and share their stories?

I believe this is where Young Living shines above the rest. Through our blog, social media channels, member testimonials and the resources and blogs shared by our team, we have a family of people who are using essential oils and seeing the benefits for themselves and their families. An oil in the store simply can’t offer that.

Not all essential oils are good for you, even if they say they are. Just like any product, you want to be sure about what you’re applying to your skin or breathing in as you inhale it. This is why I recommend and share Young Living Essential oils.


One of the best ways to experience these oils and see for yourself is the Premium Starter Kit. Inside this kit are 11 essential 5ml bottles of essential oils, a home diffuser, samples that you can take on the go or share with a friend, an essential oils user guide and much more. When you become a YL member, you save 24% off the retail price which bring the total amount for the kit down to $150, saving over 50% versus buying the oils individually.

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