DIY All-Natural Essential Oil Bug Spray & Insect Repellant

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Essential Oils Bug Spray Insect Repellant

Summer time means long walks in the neighborhood, fun cookouts on the deck and picnics in the park with your family. It also means we can attract creepy crawly bugs and insects that come with the outdoor territory. As always, have no fear, essential oils are here! Using just a few basic essential oils, you can make a safe and natural insect spray to keep those pesky bugs at bay. Here’s the recipe you can make ahead and keep it handy any time you’ll be outdoors. Simply spray liberally all over your skin and clothes (the witch hazel will prevent the oil from staining) and you’ll be able to enjoy your time outdoors without fear of being eaten alive!

Quick & Easy All-Natural Essential Oil Bug & Insect Repellant

Items Needed:

Purification Essential Oil (5 drops)
Thieves Essential Oil (10 drops)
Peppermint Essential Oil (10 drops)
6 ounces Witch Hazel
1, 8-12 ounce glass spray bottle
Add the witch hazel to the bottle, then add essential oils. Shake gently to mix. Use as needed.

Did you know? Peppermint and Cinnamon essential oils are also great ant repellants. Simply drop just a few drops of either of these oils in your doorway or window seal to keep ants outside where they belong.

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