Live Event: Dr. Sharnael Hosts Conscious Language Pioneer, Robert Stevens Sept. 7

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Conscious Language - Self Talk and Words

Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. ~Frank Outlaw

Are you aware of what your thoughts produce? That’s the heart of the upcoming “Conscious Upgrade” workshop I’m co-hosting with Robert Stevens, leader of the conscious language movement. Robert will share with us how our thoughts and our words get into our bodies or systems and shape our destiny.

“Imagine installing on your inner “heart drive” a new Conscious Human Operating System which keeps you aware and awake to self-sabotage before it can act.” That’s what it means to be conscious – to be aware or awakened to the very things that can set us back. And when we are aware, we can prepare our systems – mental, physical, emotional, financial, relational and spiritual – and protect ourselves from attack. Think of consciousness or awareness as a force field, shielding you from things that would normally be defenseless against when you were not aware.

In the “Conscious Upgrade” Workshop, Robert Stevens will show you the power of what he calls Conscious Languaging: The science of choosing the words that express our true intent, and knowing that our words are the quantum templates of health, abundance, peace and relationships. Robert will show you how to re-discover the secret of the language that heals our deepest hurts, breathes life into our greatest joys, and literally creates a new reality in your own life. Yes, your language and your words are just that powerful, and when you are AWARE, you will see why it is important to be in full alignment with the words you speak.

The day of self-sabotaging, limited thinking and speaking are over!

Come See Robert and Dr. Sharnael in Person on Monday, September 7th!
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What an opportunity for Robert to come and share with us!

Dr Sharnael SwiftfireTired of the Patterns that self sabotage? Wondering why you haven’t got your break thru? Ready for a true whole health and ONENESS/Alignment in mind body soul? Ready to understand God and your body like you have never dreamed? I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Robert Stevens recently and my entire life changed for the better! I do not say this lightly. Robert is a QUANTUM Dr Lucky, Lance Wallnau, Ian Clayton, David Van Voovering, John Paul Jackson, Dr Stewart combo…you will laugh as you get set free!

He is the guy on the CD, “Conscious Language,” which many of you have heard. Robert’s workshops are normally around $111, and we have made it possible for you to come and get a full 3 hours of training for just $7!


Hotel: We even have a special rate at the LaQuinta hotel for out of town guests! Call Crystal (225-667-1966) and ask for the $70.00 Swiftfire Rate!

More About Robert Stevens

Robert Stevens with Sharnael WolvertonROBERT TENNYSON STEVENS, Developer and CEO of Mastery Systems Corporation, is a pioneer in the influence of language, imagination, facilitation, and body language on activating and enjoying our dreams — now. In providing personal, team, and corporate facilitation and coaching for more than 30 years, Robert has developed systems for attaining heartfelt outcomes quickly.

Author of Sacred Body Language Translations™ and Conscious Language™ – The Logos Of Now, Robert is also a master herbalist and iridologist. Robert is a masterful facilitator of individuals and organizations that choose to transform their lives into healthy, creative, loving and fulfilling experiences. Having demonstrated the influence of thought, word and feeling on manifestation with thousands of people, Robert created a unique curriculum of personal and professional empowerment technologies called Mastery Systems.

Participants in Robert’s classes receive highly effective, fast-acting tools for immediate replication in their daily lives, as well as application in our health, business, education, and other professional arenas. Robert’s compassionate nature combined with his humorous and interactive presentation style make learning fun and easy.

We’ll see you in Walker!

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Get These Resources To Upgrade Your Level of Consciousness!

Conscious Self-Talk Oils & Language CD

Conscious-Self-Talk-Oils-Emotions-e1432524116223-225x300With Marcell Von Harting and Robert Stevens
Powerful CD set I have listened to over and over! Speaks of framing your future through the quantum realms!! So fascinating! Live the science behind Success!
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Conscious Language: The Logos of Now

Book by Robert Stevens
Conscious-Language-BookThe result of over thirty years of research and the experiences of many thousands of people, Conscious LanguageTM – The Logos of NOW is the premier guide to conscious language in the 21st Century. Through 17 concise chapters, the pioneering work of Robert Tennyson Stevens masterfully leads us on a step-by-step journey in the new science of Conscious Languaging; the science of choosing the words that express our true intent, and knowing that our words are the quantum templates of health, abundance, peace and relationships!

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