Dont Be Lame! Follow Through With Your Word!

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Sharnael Wolverton | Swiftfire Ministries | Young Living Essential Oils
Anyone is Ministry or Business…actually anyone who claims to be a leader, wants to be a leaders or just wants to be a good person as a baseline needs to constantly be aware of what we are saying with OUR MOUTHS.

What are we committing to? What are we promising?

Unfortunately, in the age we live, people rarely believe in a written contract let alone a hand shake or a verbal spoken statement. ( personally, physically and financially)

This is sad.

We as leaders, need to walk the the standard we are called to by making sure our WORD IS GOOD.

To avoid this trap, here are some simple guidelines:

1.Think before you talk

Know YOURSELF and what you can and cannot do …then set healthy boundaries with others. Don’t over commit and let people down.

2. Keep a Calender of appointments, events and commitments

3. Follow through

4. Apologize when you don’t!

5. MOST IMPORTANT! Don’t Do it again…or you will NEVER build trust! (That is, IF you get a second chance)

If and when you CHOOSE to do it again… especially with the same person , client, or group you will look flaky, lose credibility/trust, burn bridges, and give the human race a bad reputation.

If you truly want to be a trusted authority and stand out from the crowd, believe me, this will help you stand out and you will have great success in all area of your life.

Make sure your word is GOOD.

What do YOU think? Please post any tips you have in comments section ! Would love to hear your thoughts.

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  • Jennifer Henderson

    I have been using YL for 11 months. I recently hit my thumb with a hammer. Grabbed the lavender, put a drop on the thumb. Repeated an hour later. No bruise, no soreness! I LOVE my lavender.

  • Sherri Wilson


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