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This was our wellness center … We just bought it and less than 3 months later the flood came and we had water literally to the roof 9 feet high.

Insurance only covered 20% of the loss.

We require 600k to tear it down and rebuild. Because of the past obstacles and personal health issues around this (in the past). I just had not been able to gather the emotions, strength nor funds to get it up and going but I’m choosing to say it’s time!

It’s time for us to have our center and our community back.

It’s time we have a place to gather and learn and Re-Mind and Re-Member our whole selves now.

This is a place for balance and wholeness.

This is a place of healing, security, education, transformation, freedom, life, and support.

This is a place for Love.

This is a place for you.

This is your place. ⛪

Please help us in any way you can to get it back and running again. Whether in funds or services to help it get restored …. everything and every one counts.

How Can You Help?

If any of you have been impacted by the ministry of Swiftfire in any way over the years in conferences, videos, workshops, ministry, teachings, revelations, vehicles, groceries, rent, missions, one on one counsel/ministry please consider a one time donation today… 20$, 30$, 40$ any amount that day helps us see this place already Restored! If everyone helps even a little it helps add up!! And when you sow… you sow into your OWN dreams ? (you can scroll to other to avoid tipping GoFundMe direct)

Thank you so much for your investment in our dreams. May all your dreams manifest too as you have sown in the heart of God back to you! I love you ???????????????????????

Please share on social media so others may have the opportunity to invest!

Maybe some you know can help too!

Click “See More” on the FB post below to see more pictures and share on Facebook!

“You cannot help everyone, but you can help one.☝? Don’t let the fact that you cannot help everyone stop you from helping the one. Help the one person you know you are supposed to help today as if you are helping Everyone now!” -Mike Hamon (slightly modified by me)

It’s time to Rebuild and Restore. As you can see we def got water….. I hadn’t been able to focus my energy on this when it happened it was just too overwhelming at the time. Our beautiful center and all the hopes of its purpose demolished …..well that was a temporary bump in the road. I choose to make it bigger, better, brighter, and see this place touching the lives of many, not just in our community but thousands upon thousands across the globe. ? (you can scroll to other to avoid tipping GoFundMe direct )

Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon
Swiftfire International

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