Donald Trump’s Mandate to Make America Great Again…I Had a Dream!

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Donald Trump for President3

I am reposting this because some of you are asking why I am supporting Donald J Trump.

In 2007 God gave me a dream and told me that I was assigned to pray for Trump Because he has a “Cyrus Mantle”

I did not know anything about Donald Trump or what a “Cyrus Mantle” was but did research and found that Cyrus, the king in the bible, came in and shifted the world, economy, protected Israel and the Jewish people, there was peace in the land and wealth and abundance … Many thought Cyrus was not a Christian but he carried Christian principles and in the end many believe he knew God.

I had prayed for Trump since 2007 w no knowledge that he would ever even consider running for ANY office let alone president.

2 weeks before his announcement to run for president, I had another dream that he came to my house and asked to use the bathroom before an interview he had. I showed him the master bathroom and after I walked in he did too. To my surprise Donald Trump grabbed my hand, bowed his head and started intercession to God asking God to please help him “Make America Great Again.” I sat there shocked! (Again this was BEFORE he even ran)

In this Dream, He then let go of my hand and put his hands in the air and really really started praying loud and more emotionally intense.

Again, I sat there thinking “No one would believe he prays like this or even cares!!!”

2 weeks later he announced running.

I looked back to where I found all this on Cyrus in 2007 and it was in Isaiah 45… And this will be the 45th President.

Donald Trump for President2

The next day in REAL life I was called by Trump’s people to come to him and minister to him at this specific time and meeting happening. I didn’t get to unfortunately (yet!)…but they asked me to send what I had to minister to him. I did.

He is consulting with many many spiritual leaders and lives a life maybe different than you or I, but to pre-judge if he is a Christian or not is not your place or mine. God judges the heart and I know there will be many who think they are Christians who won’t get in heavens doors (scriptures even say this.)

And there are many who really are followers of Christ but the church looks at them and says no way because they don’t fit their box.

I’m not saying he will make it. But I am saying I hope HE DOES and I know IF he does he will do it FOR God and WITH God and for America and that is the heart of it and has been the whole time.

By the way: I have had 2 follow up dreams since the last 2 and continue to pray for him and support him at Gods request.

You have to know him getting in is a threat to every structural existence in Washington, Government, lobbyists, big Pharm, Heath care…really the whole country. There will be an entirely new way of things getting done in purity. No pay backs, no corruption… And people are shaking in their boots Because they know it will not be business as usual. Government will be given back to God and the PEOPLE!

Thank God!

We should be praying for him and his family for wisdom, health, truth, guidance, divine help, true friends, Godly counsel , energy, strategy, his marriage, protection, encounters, God dreams, angelic support, truth in the media, etc… At Gods request!

Donald Trump for President1

Lastly, The thing is … Like my spiritual dad Bob Jones always said, when people asked him about elections he would always say, “It is yet to be determined” because people have free will and will vote and determine the direction of this country for ourselves , our kids and future generations… What happens now also effects the world so much!

God can hope, we can hope, but the mass chooses and we all live with the outcome for generations one way or another. I continue to pray that God gets His way in this country for ours, Israel and the worlds sake.

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