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Enjoy this month’s guest blog by my amazing friend, Swiftfire Leader, Danielle T Jackson! ~Dr. Sharnael


I have been with Young Living natural amazing products since 2009, but my story really began 20 years ago when I went out on my own and started using nature’s remedies, 16 years making my own soap and bath salts.


I asked God once in college (20 years ago) what my call in life was and he told me “nutrition”, I looked at the curriculum in college and did not like the courses. I choose instead to go into Child and Family Studies which was in the same building. I now understand that “Nutrition” is more than a college Degree. The Nutrition that was taught is totally different from how the body really works. The food guide pyramid is not a guide to achieve health.


  1. 1: the act or process of nourishing or being nourished; specifically :  the sum of the processes by which an animal or plant takes in and utilizes food substances
  2. 2: nourishment 1

Essential oils are from the life blood of the plant, it is their nutrition to the plant. I believe nutrition is using products that nourish your body.

I found essential oils 16 years ago, but for ten years I had no education on the differences in quality of oils. I knew the more expensive were normally better in smell, but I had no understanding of the science behind it. I had no education on what a pure seed to seal essential oils can do. So I only used them for my soaps, bath salts, and homemade products. I never experienced wellness or any benefit from them—it was  a “fragrance only product” to me.


In 2009, I was introduced by my friend and mentor Dr. Sharnael Wolverton who shared on some of their benefits. We immediately experienced wellness in my home that home remedies had not provided in the past. The kit was an investment, we saved up for it. We ended up buying it as a Christmas present for ourselves. My husband is a Christian teacher and I have worked from home with my children for the last 16 years, so our priority was our family for our career choices.


From the beginning of my career with YL I dove into the science and uses of the oils. I bought a reference book right away, I had no idea they existed before YL.  From my beginning, I emphasize education to my team. You can not use a product that you have NO IDEA what is does. I provide my team with tons of education so they will be able to understand and be able to effectively use the oils. My passion is for “education” of a potent product.


I love talking about the science behind it, and the different grades of essential oils. It is only 1% that are truly pure oils.

 I explain the different types of oils because for 10 years, I was limited in my use of essential oils– due to impure oils, lack of education and my lack of real results.

 I am thrilled to have found a really strong wellness product for my family. YL has over 450 products, and I buy one new product every month, and I still have not bought and tried everything in our catalog.


We love all the products: personal care, facial products, protein shakes, Superfood drinks, oral care, supplements, and so much more than just essential oils. We have bought a whole lot MORE than the STARTER PREMIUM KIT!


 I am a person that researched and has to be able to trust a product and company.  I have a curious mind so I do not just “trust YL.” I also have compared it to different brands of oils (I have a collection that is hidden from the kids—due to chemicals in some of them. My kids have accidentally gotten it the other brands and experienced irritation, so I hide them now). My family is so important to me, I trust Yl because I have smelled and experience the difference. I have been to the farms, seen the distillation, I been there for harvest, and planting. YL allows members to help with planting and harvesting. Our farms are open to the public. We have Labs on the farms, and if the oils fail to match our high standards, we do not sell the batch. WE higher PhD Chemists to run our labs. We have a very intensive oil database.


Anything you put on your skin is present in all your cells in 20 minutes, so I choose pure products for my family. I am extremely sensitive to products, I battled eczema my whole life, and have always had to use gentle products on my skin. I love the way the YL products are gentle on my skin and my kids’ skin. Thankfully they have never had to deal with skin irritations. I believe this is because I use only natural products on their skin. I am talking about my oil babies, my last two children. I used oils and products throughout my pregnancies and even though I was 35 and 38 I felt great for both pregnancies.


When a product is not up to Our High Standards, the oil will be out of stock, but thankfully we have the largest selection of oils, so we have lots of substitutes when your favorite is out of stock. A company that will sacrifice profit because of principle is a company I trust for my family.


I also utilize non-toxic ways to clean my house; I use vinegar, Thieves cleaner, borax, washing soda, baking soda, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and a bunch of oils for a clean house. I know just smelling a toxic product can cause issues in your body. Can you imagine what it does to children’s bodies?


Did you know that pure oil is 70% stronger than its herb counterpart?


 Oils have frequencies, live food has frequency, and our bodies are electrical. You can test the frequency in it. The higher the frequency of a product, the more helpful it is in increasing your bodies’ frequency. A higher frequency for wellness is very beneficial to your overall health.


Essential oils can cross the brain barrier, and they can affect the limbic system.. They can partner with your body to keep your body healthy.


Gary’s desire is the purest oil so people can use them for wellness, he believes in NEVER ADDING CHEMICALS. Many of the other companies use chemicals to enhance how much oil is produced. Chemicals are added by other companies because it produces more oil volume, more oil volume means more profit. Though the end product now has chemicals in it. I do understand their goal is what drives their practices, and YL’s goal is totally different. Gary will not add chemicals to them; to him it is messing with God’s gift of essential oils to mankind.


YL is beyond organic: We have a worm farm in Ecuador to enrich our soil naturally; we farm on land that has 50 year old virgin soil to prevent any residue of pesticides. When our batches of oils are not up to our standard for sale, they are used to naturally deter pests and insects. We also use broadcast frequency to keep away bugs as well, too. YL farms are ahead of their time for sure.


As a leader and a Christian I am asked what I think when some people say the oils are New Age or ask if they go against my Christian beliefs. I believe they are ancient ways that are being rediscovered and are powerful tools for wellness.  Oils were used in Biblical times as medicine of that day. Spices in the Bible are oils. The Bible comes alive to me when I smell the oils from that day. Biblical History becomes alive to me. New Agers might use oils, just like Satanists use candles…but that does not mean I should throw away all my candles because they use it. This line of reasoning only keeps people from trying powerful oils for wellness. I believe an attack on good will always happen.


I believe oils are tools to be used with a healthy lifestyle for wellness. Getting adequate sleep, exercising, de-stressing, prayer, and eating healthy are other tools that can be used to enhance wellness and maintain wellness. They will help for wellness regardless of your lifestyle, but the best situation is when you combine them with intent and a healthy lifestyle. Emotions can play havoc on the hormonal system, so when you use oils to enhance mood—you can assist in normal hormonal balance.


I hope you have enjoyed learning about “ MY WHY” with Young Living. I would love to hear your story and your “WHY”.  I love helping people learn about the products. I also have a team of leaders that help others to know about these awesome products. I am always looking for more leaders to assist.


You get more than education, you get my experience and my passion for wellness in the “WHOLE FAMILY”. You will be paired up with a leader to mentor and teach you about the products.

My “Oil Family” has access to tons of education from experts and I believe that is what makes us so different in purpose and in sharing.

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~Danielle Jackson

YL leader and founder of

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Danielle T JacksonDanielle T. Jackson and her husband, Joey, of 21 years, became partners with Swiftfire Ministries in 2007. Holding her degree in Child and Family services, (with her specialty in “family,”) it is no shock she and her husband decided to have a large family with 5 children ranging from 3 to 20. Her last two she loving refers to as her “oil babies”, as she used oils while pregnant and oils are the only lifestyle they know. They have been known to steal her Ipad and record their own oil teaching videos. Her Young Living business and is named “Oil in the Family” to share her belief that oils can and are used for whole family wellness, even on the cat Sparks.

After she was impressed attending her first conference with Swiftfire Ministries, Danielle started assisting Swiftfire with their hospitality role. Additionally, she became a Swiftfire Health Coach, then moving forward to be a part of the Advisory Board with Swiftfire Ministries. Her deeply seeded Faith has always been an important factor for her and she has coupled this with her knowledge of oils and her eagerness to protect families from toxins and chemicals while helping to strengthen her family as well as her business. Danielle believes God made nature powerful with its untapped health benefits which naturally produce less side effects so we all could live cleaner, healthier lives. She has been an Avid Alternative Medicine researcher for over 20 years and this passion is what drew her to Young Living after trying numerous “market oils” over many years. Dr. Sharnael introduced her to Young Living oils and her family immediately noticed a difference. Danielle is passionate about keeping things natural and safe for her family and for others. She loves how natural medicine and herbs work with your body and strengthen it afterwards. She enjoys making personal care products as a hobby, but this has also helped to eliminate chemicals in her household and provide her family with the best products at a frugal cost. While looking for nontoxic baby products, she was amazed at how toxic the products were for our babies. She has been making her own soaps for 16 years as well as making bath salts and her own concoctions of oil blends from YL oils.

Danelle’s husband is a teacher, so it is no wonder her specialty is education. She values knowledge so assisting in educating others about YL oils was a natural direction to flow. She gets fulfillment when she knows she has assisted someone in feeling better about themselves and their family. She has a strong desire to change other people’s lives by empowering them to become their own educated Health Advocate. She says, “You have to read labels, learn what is going into your body…doctors, nurses are all well intended, but you have the biggest interest in your life. Become an expert on how your body works and what is best for you.”


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