Colon Support Day 8 Fasting with dr. Sharnael

Do you have hitchhiker garbage in your colon left behind by squatter parasites? The average diet includes things that collect inside of the walls of the colon, yep! Listen up as I share things I’ve successfully used to support my colon, that have increased my overall wellness and whoa, the energy boost!!


  • Liquids fast
  • Detoxing, rest & burning fat
  • Colonics & Supportive practices
  • Supplements for colon support
  • Spiritual Fast vs. Health Fast
  • Accountability

Right now I’m on a fast and detoxing, and the great thing is I don’t have to do it alone thanks to the support of our 30 day keto reset group. Please share this with anyone you know is looking for a health and energy reset. If that’s you, come on over and join us! Just click the button below.

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😘 Xoxo Dr. Sharnael

Colon Support Day 8 Fasting

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