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To my fellow business owners and team leaders,

How would you love to join the Revolution of professionals who are not afraid to embrace the power of biblical business principles along with lessons of purpose, health and wealth to explode your business? A Bold community of business people who believe that you should be happy when you work and actually love what you do? If that’s you, we would love to work with you.

Through Swiftfire Ministries, we provide business coaching and mentoring for business owners who are looking for help in the following areas:
1. Time Management and Productivity
2. Clarity of Purpose and Direction
3. Understanding Duplication
4. Working as a Team
5. Learn how to Share with others effectively
6. How to integrate into your Ministry

Here are some things to consider when deciding to work with a business coach:

If you know you’re stuck and are not sure why, a coach or mentor can help you get un-stuck.
If you see your business concept or model working for others but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be working for you, a mentor can help you put the pieces together and help you structure your business model to suit your strengths.
If you’ve built a business and have suffered from the current state of the economy, a mentor can show you other income paths that align with your purpose.
Not sure of your purpose in business or whether you are reaching your fullest potential? A coach will hold you accountable to what God has called you to do.
A business coach can also work with you get you back on track if you’re facing a road block or if you need help setting and achieve your goals.

Our team has helped leaders just like you apply proven systems for increased profitability, living a healthy life and learning to love their work. It would be an honor to help you, too.

Coaching Services

Contact Dr. Sharnael for the following business coaching. Sessions can be live or virtual with a dedicated coaching line for recording.

One-on-One, Individual Coaching
Email or Call

Team Coaching and Team Building
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