DIY Citrus Room Spray and Deodorizer Recipe with Essential Oils

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Essential Oil Citrus Room Spray and Air Freshener
Want to keep your home smelling like Spring all year long? Need a pick me up during the day? This homemade essential oil citrus room spray and deodorizer is your answer to keeping your home (and your mood) fresh and bright no matter what the season.

Homemade, All Natural Citrus Room Spray and Deodorizer


Oranges1 tablespoon rubbing (or grain) alcohol
1 cup (8 oz) distilled water
Grapefruit Essential Oil
Orange Essential Oil
Tangerine Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil

Blending Instructions

In a dark glass spray bottle (8-12 oz), add the alcohol first, then add 6-8 drops of each essential oil. Shake gently to blend the oils into the alcohol, then add 8 oz of distilled water. Shake gently to blend well.

Note: The alcohol helps the oils stay blended for long term storage.

Here Are Just a Few Ways to Use your Citrus Room Spray:

  • Air Freshener: Spray the air to eliminate odors.
  • Fabrics: Lightly spray curtains, furniture cushions or covers, bed linens and more. Hang to air dry.
  • Shoes: Spray a cotton balls and place one into each shoe to eliminate foot odor
  • Other Surfaces: Use spray to deodorize trash cans, garbage disposals and remove odors from surfaces.

Tips for Blending and Storing Essential Oils

Essential oils are quite potent – especially citrus oils that are strong enough to break down and dissolve grease, adhesives and even plastics. For this reason, we recommend only using glass or stainless steel aluminum to blend your oils.

For storage: Keep essential oils out of direct sunlight or extreme heat for lasting effectiveness.

More Uses For Your Citrus Essential Oils

  • Diffuse your essential oils for an energy boost during the day.
  • Add a drop or two of lemon or grapefruit essential oil to your water for a shot of antioxidants and vitamin C.
  • Use lemon essential oil in any recipes that call for lemon – it’s perfect for baking too.
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