When things are changed FOR us w Dr. Sharnael

When life changes are made for us ….”for us” meaning maybe done suddenly or maybe not a choice we would have made ourselves ….an involuntary situation or being “volentold” these things can seem scary , daunting , jarring , overwhelming…. IF WE HAVE THAT PERSPECTIVE.

And if we do all we can to keep the understanding that these things choices made “for us” are actually REALLY FOR us meaning “in our favor” the outcome can be quite miraculous!

Some of you know the recent tornados 🌪 🌪🌪that affected us . Trees everywhere in multiple rooms of our house , (let’s just say we don’t require a Christmas tree 🎄 ) debris everywhere , floors throughout damaged ,roof missing parts .

With this, I can be depressed , hopeless and paralyzed (cancel clear ) or I can have the perspective “only miracles happen to me.” And start looking for , expecting and walking in my Miracles . 🌈🌈

🧬 My choice . 🧬

Scripture says “ALL things work together according to those who love God.”

Robert Tennyson Stevens dear friend , co-missioner and teacher for me always encouraged me to add this in the end “and I LOVE God.”

So it’s like this, “ALL things work according to those who love God AND I LOVE GOD!” In other wards , automatically this is definitely gonna be a blessing for me !!! No doubt !

Perspective is everything .

“Lost” a job? “Lost” a relationship ? Suddenly have health awakening signals ?

These kinda things are opportunity’s to practice love and perspective. Usually what I have initially thought as tragic and the “worst case scenario “ ended up being the BIGGEST gift 🎁 ever !!! Once I saw the outcome !

But why wait for the end to be excited ?

Why wait for the miracle to happen to be excited ? When we can be excited now?

A matter of fact being excited and knowing miracles are here are actually the energy and code that brings it faster ! The door 🚪!

Tips for this? Hmmmm

  1. Find for the miracles !
  2. Find the gratitude in ANYthing you can !
  3. Be aware for the Divine new relationships and connections in this adventure .
  4. If feelings come up FEEL the HELL outta them . Do not stuff or they just lodge in the cells for a greater signal later .
  5. Trust God. No…. Really !
  6. Take one day at a time one step at a time .
  7. Receive ❤️ Love now! Cuz you were born for this !

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Thank you for your prayers through our adventure ! We FEEL your love 💕 Prayers to you for ours! I love you 😘 Xoxo Dr. Sharnael

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