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5 great personalities that will share real fact-based information that you won’t find anywhere else – Discussion on the global situation, Disclosures, encrypted information, and much more.  Don’t forget to join us, today at 12 noon CST. Set your reminders, click on the below to watch live! 

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Tom Dongo Explains the Unexplained!

We all know that there are many unexplained realities hovering around us. Some of them we have personally experienced. Today, we have Tom Dongo to clarify all our doubts!
Tom Dongo is a long-time resident of Sedona. He is a recognized world authority on UFOs and paranormal occurrences. He is also a writer of mainstream magazine articles and has written seven books on UFOs and the paranormal.  Today at 12 p.m. Central.

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Remembering Your Path Through The Stars! Dr. Sharnael and Craig Walker interview Amy Leopard to discuss energies, the stars and different modalities that can be useful in this season.

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Exclusive Interview with Corina Toncz-Padaki by Dr. Sharnael & Craig Walker

Tune into this moving interview with Corina who boldly shares a unique supernatural perspective on the current developments happening in the United States as a believing family fleeing communist Romania.

Corina is a minister and author who immigrated from Romania during Ceausescu’s dictatorship. Her book documents her family’s escape from Romania, The Quest for Freedom, is being developed into a feature film. She is a teacher in all things supernatural, diving into the mysteries that have been hidden from mainstream Christianity.

We are MULTIDIMENSIONAL ⚡️ LIVE at 5 PM Central (Don’t Miss it!)


Join us tonight at 5pm central to discuss this new film MULTIDIMENSIONAL with Peter Maxwell Slattery, Mary Rodwell, James Gilliland, John Vivanco, Jason Gleaves & Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon – Swiftfire International ⚡️

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Mirror Message of the Mirror Bible with Francois Du Toit Craig Walker and Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon

Today 12 Noon central Join is to discuss the Mirror Message of the Mirror Bible with Francois Du Toit Craig Walker and Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon – Swiftfire International

Francois is an author most known for his current work, The Mirror Bible. In this interview, Francois , Craig and Dr. Sharnael will discuss Gods great LOVE for us , grace, intimacy, and the unveiled revelation of Truth !

Francios will also shares some of his story and how he came to write The Mirror Bible.

The entire cosmos is the object of God’s affection! Join us and get a peak! ⚡️

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God Is In Control with Dr. Sharnael, Lucas Mack, Craig Walker, and Carmen Studer

Tune in to this discussion on Swiftfire True TV on what it actually means “God is in control”, decrees, the presence of truth, being in autopilot vs. holding truth, love and joy, staying centered, responseABILITY, darkness and so much more.

This video is extremely important for the times we are all living in, every household, every leader, ever parent, ever son, daughter, wife, husband, sister, brother… every one of you be empowered to re-member the astonishing truth and empowering presence of GOD IS IN CONTROL!