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Struggling with changing times? Uncertainty? Fear patterns? Anxiety?

Tired of cycling the merry-go-rounds of negative patterns in your life?

This is the tool ESPECIALLY FOR THIS SEASON to help navigate and shift ourselves AND our world!

You can’t pee in the pool and hope it doesn’t get everywhere! With energy it is the exact same way! Issues in one area of your life affect everything.

Listen up as Dr. Sharnael narrates her book and you too can Re-Member the simplified beautiful marriage of Quantum Physics and Spirit on-the-go!

Apply her easy formulas to your own life and experience your personal quantum leap miracles today for you and your family!

You deserve a Super-natural life every moment of everyday! Start today!

Topics include:

  • Creating Your Life
  • Frequency and You
  • The Bio-Field
  • Split Energy
  • Kingdom vs KingDome
  • Re-Coding Your Timeline
  • Frequency Hopping
  • Trauma Loops and Signature Codes
  • The Royal Law
  • Miracles Happen!
  • And more!

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How to use the Crystal Card Decks for a Frequency Modality Upgrade

ATTENTION Crystal Shops/yoga centers/bookstores/healing centers /influencers/chiropractors/online places/markets booths/tattoo shops/salons/boutiques/Churches/HOMES

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Looking forward to seeing Divine Healing/WHOLENESS/UPGRADES/Education through these frequencies in the hands of Divine people one deck or card at a time.

We have seen massive shifts in people/patients/students/families/practitioners using these in their bio-field for educational uses and modalities.

The cards slip easy in your purse, under your pillow, in your kids back pack or lunch box for school, in your car etc.…each carry the frequency of the crystal without the weight of carrying a real crystal/rock.

Used for modalities, or merely flash cards for the curious.

Also, helps us understand what we are buying crystal /oils and what we require.

What we are drawn to
Why we are drawn to it

Savings start at 5 deck bundles, get more than 50 % off for 36 decks of Crystals/ Oils and Decrees Card Decks by Naturopath Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon.

Making raising frequencies Easy, Fun and POWERFULL

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With ALL MY Love,
Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon

🚨Alert🚨 Is The FDA About To Outlaw What’s In Your Spice Rack, Pantry & Garden?

🚨🚨 Don’t snooze through this one!

The FDA has just rebranded hundreds of natural foods, herbs, oils, and spices as “substances”. Thanks to our new administration 68 food, herb, oils & spices are under FDA Evaluation and 200+ are coming into question. Read all about it here

This will make it easier for them to lobby for laws against them, therefore opening the market up for more pharmaceuticals. This is serious stuff here, folks. ☠️

Get what you need and stock up while you can here 👉🏻

Discussion on Rogers New Movie 🎥 “The Deep Rig “

Discussion on Rogers new movie 🎥 “The Deep Rig “ Truth Justice Change Inspiration Collaboration Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon – Swiftfire International Roger R. Richards

Still curious about what has happened in the U.S. since November of last year?
Are things more transparent or more hidden?

Are systems more secure or more corrupt?

Are facts being discussed openly or being suppressed?

These answers are revealed in …

An intriguing new documentary film by Roger Richards, Patrick Byrne, and Steve Lucescu premiering on June 26th.

This film, that includes exclusive interviews with Michael Flynn (‘cyber ninjas’ and many others), openly discusses evidence concerning the past election and a web of international intrigue.

Check it out. GO see the trailer

And much much gratitude to those on camera who devoted their time and energy to collect and research the evidence in the film and for their courage to tell their story !

Join Dr. Sharnael #TeamSwiftfire

Join Dr. Sharnael #TeamSwiftfire

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Dr. Sharnael Swiftfire True TV


A Gift From The Stars with Elena Danaan, Craig Walker

Discussion on Consciousness and Elenas new book A Gift From the Stars ⭐️ Aliens Races

elena danaan craig walker a gift from the stars
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