Now is your time! Who’s with me?

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I wasn’t a fan of network marketing, I hadn’t seen it done well and not only was I not a fan, I was opposed to it! I bought this kit of oils almost 10 years ago to use as a tool for wellness in our family.

The oils worked, I told friends and begin to see the potential and fell in love with a business model and a company that could be the vehicle to the freedom we’d dreamed of.

This has broadened my ministry of church to a whole world !

I jumped in and haven’t looked back. Unlike many people think (as we did), network marketing isn’t about getting rich fast, it isn’t something you “get lucky” in, it requires lots of work and self discipline to build a business without a “boss” telling you what to do.

My only regret is NOT. STARTING. SOONER! #GetThatKit! Go to NOW and get yours today #1090401 is my number.

Not only have they completely turned my health around, improved my wellbeing, given me the strength , knowledge to advocate for my health , changed my career path entirely….they’ve led me into friendships that have changed the course of my entire life.

I’m thankful everyday that I wake up + get to live my best life, helping people, learning + growing + getting paid to jump outta bed with excitement to work on the daily…but this week was an extra special one. I literally cannot believe that this is my life. my job. these are my people. this is all my reality.

We have the most incredible leaders who’ve also built teams of people who’ve influenced almost 15,000 families across the world in 44 countries with health and wellness. We have families who’ve discovered financial freedom and Moms who’ve found purposes and abundance in a home based business.

I’m so incredibly proud of these people, our people, our tribe. I work with ladies and men each day who have big dreams and aren’t willing to settle for normal.



Now….This ?? retreat………… ? ?????? Wow !!! Next level! I’m just amazed at the honor we’ve felt……

YL gives us the opportunity to chase FREEDOM (time + financial + health freedom) and then you turn around and bless us for the chase. ?

Literally: AMAZING! I pinch myself that this is my job and my life !

I am so honored to be here. The message of wellness, purpose and abundance is deep seeded in our hearts. Gary’s legacy goes on and will be perpetuated by us because he’s created product lovers out of us, he’s created dreamers out of us, he’s created a movement out of us…. and I’m sure I speak for the others who are involved in Young Living when I say: THANK YOU! I’M ALL IN.

Now it’s your time! Get started now! Get the Kit! Who is with me? Come on SPAIN ?? next year!

Don’t discount your dreams! Go chase them! Make your dreams a reality, you deserve it!

O m g ???? When John Mayer crashes our Diamond dinner, Y’all!!!?????

Private Concert!! He just said he quit drinking …He said, “I went from drinking to huffing….Oils.” #yldiamonds18

Private intimate concert just for us!!


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Exciting news! My daughter Shaen Wolverton  just officially launched her coaching packages!

AND She is offering 10% off through Thursday, May 3rd 2018!

She’s been coaching online and in person for quite a while. Her coaching includes nutrition, exercise, and custom Young Living support!

She has both 2 week and 4 week programs that are very affordable !

Ready for your beach body ?

Check it out and check out her Instagram ! @shaenwolverton she’s kinda a big deal ??

Fun Facts with Dr. Sharnael


Did u know that there are 1,031 scripture references to essential oils in the Bible ? ? 46 books out of 66 books make references.

Essential oils were used for numerous things including on people , on things , and even for specific anointing ceremony’s by priests and for Kings.

Disciples used the oils and were sent 2×2 with the oils , including Luke, who was a physician, using natural things to support the health immune response in his clients!

And ??Spoiler alert JESUS used the oils ….. so…..

Watch the video and make sure you go further in due diligence and look at the original text Greek and Hebrew . You will be amazed at what you find ! ❤️

Hope this helps! Check out my other videos for great tips on divine health!

Hit the subscribe to my YouTube channel at Dr Sharnael for more tips !


More Resources for Wellness and Spiritual Growth

Electromagnetic Protection for You and Your Home

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The Daniel Standard-Duplicating Diamond MP3


Daniel had a Standard above of all.  He had God’s standard for his life spiritually , mentally and physically including how he ate and how he treated his earthly body.  Join Dr. Sharnael Wolverton and understand this kind of standard and what Daniel stood for even with the resistance of others not grasping his stand. Hear how many of us are facing these same challenges TODAY and how to over come this.

Bonus to “The Daniel Standard” is How to duplicate Diamond including tips of how Dr Wolverton  did this in 18 months FLAT sharing with thousands of people these secrets..  leave a comment below and thank you for your time and attention blessings.

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Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Buses, Boats, and Helicopters

helicopter 525x700

So I’ll be real as usual and talk about this. We all know I have traveled quite extensively over the last 19 years for my job.

This last trip was honestly my longest and most rigorous. (Except the time in 2012 when I went to Ireland and Scotland, then Ecuador, and ended up having to stay a few weeks there in the hospital unexpectedly being treated for black mold.)

We traveled from USA, to South Korea, France, to 4 areas in Australia (Australia is a huge place y’all, we had charter planes twice and 2 commercial flights to get across from Sydney to Brisbane, to the Gold Coast, to Darwin, to Sydney again!) Then on to Singapore, to the United Kingdom, to the USA again. Yes, 7 continents jumps total, although 5 different ones we visited and jumped back and forth to 7 in 2 weeks!

The scenery is amazing. The idea of seeing these places up front in person….so surreal.

The trip was with my colleagues in Young Living, both friends and strangers who became friends very quickly. Sweet.

As amazing as it was at one point after 4 continents in 4 days, I said to Brian in awe, “Wow, it literally feels like we are on the Bachelor or Bachelorette.”

His response was quick, “No, it feels like we are on the Amazing Race!”

Yeah. True. Big difference.

I have to admit the 20-30 hour flights at times (yes those hours in a row!!!) were often packed full of free movies or very uncomfortable sleeping as distractions… and here’s the part I’m about to confess – a few times, literally on the inside, I could see myself having a freak out panic attack!

Jumping up out of my window seat. Climbing over 2-3 people, trays of food, blankets, and wires connected to earphones and iphones, stepping on backpacks and purses, or whatever in my way breaking free to the isle. Then shouting out screaming, “OK! Enough!!!! Land the plane I just need to touch the ground and have some S P A C E. Like. Now. ? ”

I didn’t do it.

Not on the outside anyway.

But honest to God, in my mind I sure did – several, several times. I’m not even sure what that’s called? Claustrophobia or just N O R M A L?

Anyway, when I did feel that way I quickly took deep breaths, concentrated on my breathing , used a LOT of oils! I mean A LOT … and often either got up to stretch (with great discipline ….peacefully and quietly) or watched another movie to distract my thoughts!

Um yeah, 14 in all plus the entire Veeps Season 5.

I dunno if any of you have experienced this whether on a plane in the air or in other random places actually touching the Earth but yeah…. am I the only one? Can anyone relate?

Well, on top of this nuisance and the fact that I was so tired at times jumping times zones and getting only 2-3 hours sleep (sitting up!) I also lost some items.

Those of you who have children may relate, remember first 3-4 weeks after having your baby? Night was day, day was night.

You couldn’t even remember your name, you had to Google what day of the week it was for a while there. It was like being sucked into another matrix worm hole. No showers, wore the same pjs 3 days in a row minimum.

Yeah, go there, except be on different continents and have to be responsible for stuff. Like items you carry.

I lost my soft fluffy Grizz blanket twice, my water bottle…. yeah the Young Living Hydrogize 300pv one?  and my young living travel pillow that I got in France from 2014. (Not replaceable)

Thank God I got my blanket and bottle back but Geez. Can you say SPACED OUT?

Anyway, despite these things, we obviously had an amazing time and created memories and bonding relationships that I wouldn’t trade EVER.

Often times, I literally pinch myself and stand in awe that God let me have this career! I get to change lives daily! I get to spread love and light daily! I get to ignite divine health and beautiful  transformation daily. And I get to do it all over the world!

And all of you can do the same.

Here are some pictures from the trip! I hope you enjoy and hope to have you join me in this cause soon….. it’s a world wide cause waiting for you!???

I love you.❤
Dr. Sharnael

P.S. ThankFULL for oils, compression socks, dry shampoo, Nitro, Ningxia red, enzymes, vitamins, and friends. #justsaying


More Resources For Wellness & Spiritual Growth


Keys To 3rd Heaven (book)

The Keys To A Third Heaven (book), by Dr. Sharnael Wolverton

$16.99 $14.99

The Keys To a Third Heaven is full of dreams, visions, impartation and activation to the realms of the spirit world. You, too, can shift the world with these innovative revelations. If you want to hear, see and understand like never before this book is for you!


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EMF Phone Shield - River

EMF Cell Phone Shield – River of God


River says in Hebrew both sides: the leaves of the trees for the healing of the nations: Yahweh Rofi – the LORD is my Healer!


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Swiftfire School Is In Session!

17545557 1975239972698841 6760548354800386197 o 1050x700



The Basics: Essential Oils 101
Hosted by Tammy Ingram Cox
Thursday, April 20 at 7pm-8pm EDT
1750 Sweet Home Church Rd, Eastman, GA 31023-8662


Essential Oils 101 Class

Hosted by: Oils With Mia
Come over to our home for a free hot meal while you learn more about young living essential oils. There will be free giveaways and also everyone will leave with a FREE make-n-take when they leave!

Saturday, April 22 at 7 PM – 8:30 PM
9100 W Bates Rd, Hammond, La 70403-8439
Live Your Passion Rally with special leadership training

You can invite your Facebook friends at:
Must register at:
Young Living Live Your Passion Rally with special leadership training from proven leaders who have achieved the ranks of Platinum and Gold levels in YL.
Come out and learn with Swiftfire Leaders Danielle Jackson with Oil in the Family and Caroline Boudreau RN with TEAM It’s Oil That!
DATE: Saturday, April 22, 2017
TIME: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
LOCATION: Lifehouse Church at 1300 Bertrand Drive, Lafayette, LA 70506
This Young Living Live Your Passion Rally will include dynamic training with the Gameplan, how to share with others, skills training, and the latest secrets from YL Corporate in Utah. Interactive and FUN hands-on-learning to enhance your education and boost your confidence.
Hear about program enhancements, product announcements & special offers, product & business testimonials, recognition, and special promotions all at the same time. GET IN ON THE YOUNG LIVING SPECIALS by PRE-REGISTERING and entering your YL member number on your registration if you are a member.
Tickets at the door will be $15 for Team Swiftfire Young Living Members, and $20 for all others.
You don’t have to be a Young Living member to attend. Come find out what this company is “oil” about. Everyone is welcome!


MAKE & TAKE with Colette, Carol, & Janet!
Monday April 24 7-9pm
Towson, MD
*Small cost for supplies*
Carol’s house. Contact Colette Polignone for the address!
Email or Call 443-956-2929

ESSENTIAL OILS 101 with Colette and Jillian!
Saturday April 29th 4-5:30pm
Rollingbrook Yoga Studio 1715 Edmondson Ave Catonsville, MD
Register in advance at
Cost: $20 by April 26, 2017 ($25 after April 26, 2017)
ESSENTIAL OILS 101 (Including Luci Libido and Hormone Support) with Colette and her fabulous husband Tony!
Sunday April 30th 2-4pm
Cometa Wellness Center
Cost: $25
Register in advance at
MAY BONUS: Beauty School at Carla’s
Saturday May 6th 11-1pm
Cost for supplies.
Carla’s house. Contact Colette Polignone for the address!
Email or Call 443-956-2929

Come join the happy and open the door to amazing!!


Victorious Life Team presents the Become Your Dream/Live Your Passion Rally with guest speaker Nancy Flowers (Gold leader on Team Swiftfire)
Saturday, April 22 at 10 AM – 5 PM
10am-12 Live Your Passion Rally and Supporting the Body Systems with Essential Oils
1pm Free Your Home of Harsh Chemicals
1:30 pm Detox Your Body & Transform
2:00 pm The Power of Emotions/Emotional Clearing
3:00 pm The Power of Words
Location: Villas of Omaha at Butler Ridge
15702 Fowler Plz, Omaha, Nebraska
SPACE IS LIMITED: Register early at link below:
Cost: $25.00 for entire day Earlybird pricing $20.00 before April 15th.
Catered Lunch from Eat Fit Go is $10 (includes water)


CHAMBERSBURG, PA 101 FUN with Colette and Jayna!
Sunday April 23 1-3pm
Jayna’s house.
Contact Colette Polignone for the address!
Email or Call Call 443-956-2929


April Coffee Shop Class!
April 15 10AM-11:30 AM
Find out the real scoop on FDA compliant sharing of Young Living products AND everything you need to know about the Essential Rewards Program! Coffee and Tea will be served!
Message Rise Hamlin on Facebook for the address!
*YL Live Your Passion Rally with Dr. Sharnael Wolverton & Dana Cammack
by Tighe Baier
DATE AND TIME: Sat, April 22, 2017
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM CDT

Young Living brings the culture and excitement of essential oils to Lubbock, Texas with the new Live Your Passion Rally featuring Dr. Sharnael Wolverton and Dana Cammack! This personalized event provides an opportunities for both business leaders and essential oil enthusiasts. The Rally will provide business training, team member support, recognition of achievements, and an inside look at new products. Dr. Sharnael Wolverton ND is a Young Living Crown Diamond and a dynamic speaker. Sharnael has a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and is an expert in the application of therapeutic grade Essential Oils for wellness. Dr. Wolverton continues to study, learn, research and teach biblical ways to Kingdom health.Sharnael is also a wonderful mother and an incredible facilitator of the supernatural. Her heart is to see God’s people realize their personal destinies and walk in the fullness of those destinies including mind, body and Spirit.
Dana Cammack is a Young Living Gold and a true servant leader.Dana is a wife, a homeschooling mother of three boys, and a passionate business owner on a mission to help families experience wholeness, health, and wealth through the power of Essential Oils. She truly believe sharing is caring and has made it her business to share her secrets, tips, recipes, business and life lessons to help us keep our whole family healthy, naturally. Dana loves the Lord and is an inspiration to many.
This is an event for both men and women, so bring your spouse and your friends!
Lunch is included and child care will be provided with an RSVP and $15 per child upon arriving.
Join the like-minded leaders in the essential oil community as we strive for wellness, purpose, and abundance.
After the event, any business builder who would like to talk personally with Dr. Sharnael and Dana are welcome to go out to eat with our group for some intimate question/ answer time.


Essential Oils 101 Class
Hosted by Lauren Taylor
Friday, April 21 at 2 PM EDT

68 Sudley Ln, Martinsburg, WV 25403
Have you been wanting to learn more about essential oils and how to use them to kick toxic chemicals out of your home for good? Join us for Essential Oils 101. We will give you simple, easy, and affordable tactics that anyone can do. This class is totally FREE! We will have tasty snacks and refreshments. Come ready to learn and have some fun and pampering in the process. We can’t wait to see you! We will have freebies at the door for those who bring two friends. It’s time to take control of your home and kick yuck to the curb!


We’re coming to your neighborhood on April 22!

On April 22, bring the culture and excitement of Young Living to your area with the new Live Your Passion Rally! This customizable event provides an opportunity for business training, recognizing achievements, and an inside look at new products, all while unifying members in striving for wellness, purpose, and abundance.

This event has been massive! Our first rally had more than 600 locations and 18,000 in attendance, and our second rally did even better: more than 1,000 locations and 40,000-plus attendees!

Now is the time to be a part of the movement!

[button url=”” target=”blank” style=”3d” background=”#5a1ac9″ color=”#eee7f1″ size=”8″ icon=”” icon_color=”#ffed9d”]Find A Live Your Passion Rally Near You![/button]


Helpful Resources for Spiritual Growth and Wellness Support



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