Conscious Language with Robert Tennyson Stevens & Dr Sharnael

Language is the currency of communication. It is thought, written, spoken, sung, illustrated, and expressed in a multitude of ways. Words can pop into our heads subconsciously, or they can be thoughtfully and intentionally chosen, becoming conscious language. Is conscious language neutral and non-judgmental? Join us this coming Thursday at noon CST with our very special guest Tennyson Stevens to learn the behavioral science behind Conscious Language.

Unity Consciousness!

What’s happening in the world is profound!

What’s the answer!? Unity Consciousness. Listen in to Neil Gaur, Craig Walker, and Dr. Sharnael as we discuss keys in Re-Membering world unity today. Don’t forget to join us. The show will broadcast live only on Dr. Sharnael True TV YouTube channel. 

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How Can Conscious Language Change You Life Today?

Why using conscious language is so powerful…

Join me, Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon – Swiftfire International, today at noon CST with my special guest Robert Tennyson Stevens.
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Robert Tennyson Stevens, Developer, and CEO of Mastery Systems International is a pioneer in the influence of language, imagination, facilitation, and body language on activating and enjoying our dreams.

What is Conscious Language?

Language shapes our reality! Small, simple changes in your language can have a profound effect on your life! We can then upgrade using decrees, prayers and new agreements until a shift takes place within ourselves and in our world.

Robert and Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon – Swiftfire International will deep dives into topics like:

  • The system of Conscious Language
  • Consciousness as an operating system
  • Upgrading your language has nothing to do with “saying it right”
  • Your words and feelings have power… choose them wisely*Slowing down enough to let yourself speak through you
  • Shifting the state of “want” and moving at the “velocity of love”
  • Using the scale of emotional harmonics
  • How to shift your language from a limiting state to an empowering state.
  • Using the freedom process to transform lower state emotions into a higher state
  • Our subconscious mind gives our existent reality from where and when we are imagining from
  • Using the 16 senses to build your imagination activation process
  • How service can fuel your motivation
  • Understanding your own Big Equals
  • Name what you are transforming into, build a vessel for your shift to flow into

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Feeling stuck? Tired of the merry-go-round of negative patterns? Ready to live a life of highest choices and miracles?

You can rewrite your story and get the plot twist you have been waiting for!

Miracles are your Inheritance!

Let’s clear the fog and beckon in health, relationships, loving marriages, business, $$$, children, and more!

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11/11 Gateway

This 11/11 Gateway is a chance to take a break and take some time to Re-Member Spirit.

11 is associated with higher realms, higher frequencies, new levels of spiritual awakening, and a new awareness of our connection with Truth: this is why the 11/11 Gateway is considered to be so powerful.

💥We have a wonderful opportunity to center and come back to alignment in Christ

🙏🏻💜To Re-Member our Christ thoughts, choices, in-tensions, pre-tensions, and our loving imaginations. To choose what serves us in the highest and transmute what doesn’t serve us best for this season.

It’s a time of reflection. A time to Re-Member rest. Revelation comes from rest. It’s a time to send love and light to our family, friends, world. It’s a time to Re-Member encouragement and inspiration 🦋.

A time for new collaborations and relationships. An initiation of the new. A parting with some “old” patterns, people, ideas, beliefs…. Make time for rest, nature, sun, hydration, exercise, connection today.

Especially at 11:11.

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