BIG Question for YOU!

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I am looking to read a GREAT book!

Any suggestions?? I love reading…”Readers are LEADERS”!

I am curious to see what you are reading so I can get the best book ever! help me out!:)

So here’s my Big Question for you: Whatcha READING????

Comment in the section below!

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  • Connie Stollery

    Hi, Sharnael! Right now I’m reading a (few) book(s) called Quantum Glory by Phil Mason. Just starting. It took me a while to get past all the rave reviews! One of about 4 books I have on the go!

  • Rod Hodges

    Hi Sharnael Just started Chuck Pierce book A Time to Advance.Been reading what each month means on the Jewish calender.This month is time to get stuff out of our lives that can hold us back from what is comming in the future This month is Cheshvan in year 5773.Quite interesting and informative. I really like you tuesday night calls.Usually listed to the recorded ones.Very helpful and informative Bless You

  • Connie Massey

    Sharnael, The two book titles I have thought about are:
    > Shear Jashub
    > A Remnant Shall Return
    > 21st Century Woman at the Well
    > Set Apart for the Lord & His Kingdom
    > I’ve started a couple of books but got distracted & never finished them.
    > One was about Esther & the other Ruth.
    > The Lord is doing something new in me right now so maybe I will get those
    > books written & published in near future.

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