Awaken to Supernatural Miracles, part 1: The Wake Up Call

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by Dr. Sharnael Wolverton
For people on the journey for love and the fullness of God
Awaken to Supernatural
Rosh Hashana Revelation – A Wake Up Call

Every year I go to Montana and do a juice fast with Jeanette Cheney’s wellness center. I get refreshed and renewed from getting away and shutting down the physical body to awaken the spiritual. Right at the beginning of the fast, we were invited to do a 5K to support Teen Challenge. When I got there I was aware (now there are over 500 people there at the park where we were), and something very real came to me that I needed to wake up. I kept hearing, “Wake up!” “Wake up!” Shut down the phone and don’t be distracted. God showed me that it’s time to start being fully present and awakened to people who were there in that moment. He also showed me how I need to really value people in my life – the people he already sent me but also the people who he will be sending to me.
All my senses became aware. And the Lord ministered to me that my heart had not been awake. That I was asleep. So I repented and asked God to show me those places where I had been sleeping. We have been having events featuring people who speak about conscious languaging (Robert Stevens), and mindset and spiritual renewal. So I believe that part of this awakening came as a result of not just hearing the lessons on conscious languaging, but also studying it and making it a practice. We have been studying and teaching about living TRUE. There is a vibe in your body that happens when you live TRUE. The truth about Lying is about how you don’t follow through, your mouth and mind doesn’t go through with it. Then the lie causes conflict in your body and your frequencies that compromises your immune system, causing dehydration, and other dis-ease. This is why it is important to be careful with the things you say and matching up what you say with what you do. This even applies to committing to doing things even though you don’t want to out of codependence or you feel someone will be upset with you. There is a vibe and a frequency to the intent of our actual word.

For instance, when I say, Caroline, can you do something on Friday night?, and Caroline says, “I’m sorry I can’t.” That doesn’t mean the same as, “I have something planned already, I’d love a raincheck.” The difference is when you say, “I’m sorry”, you’re saying you’re sorrowful or sad, and you get depressed or feel woeful about something that should not have caused you to grief to begin with. There is a frequency to speaking and living truth and when you are in alignment with what you say and do.
So if you had said, “I’d love to be with you, but I have other plans,” now your intent matches up with your true nature. By saying “I’d love to” versus “I’m sorry”, you speak the truth and true intent. And when you say “I can’t”, that’s actually a lie. Because you CAN do it, you are simply not going to do it because of another choice. The truth is, you can do anything, so to speak the truth, you say what you will do instead as opposed to saying “I’m sorry, I can’t.”

As we speak our truth and live true, we are true to the fullness, and in that fullness there is a lot of power. When God, IAM is in me, when we say that we’re sorry, hungry, tired, hate, etc. are opposite of what God, I AM is – we speak a lie and use the Lord’s name in vain. God, I AM is not tired, hungry, sorry, etc. To speak the truth, I have asked people to be more conscious with the I AM statements. We say things such as: I AM awake in love. I AM miracles. I AM supernatural. I shine. I AM loved. I AM beautiful – the things that God is – the things that are true about God.

Now studies show as we say I AM, in congruence with the Lord and speak and decree these things over yourself, it creates new pathways and boosts your energy. It also changes your entire field to shift everything around you to change your vibration and frequency to attract good things to you and in you.

Now back when I was in Montana, all of these things are flooding me. I realize that the illusion is separation. And the separation came from not being fully awake. God wants our full attention and our whole heart. Just like in the Garden of Eden before the separation. And when Jesus came to bring us back into the fullness of God, he left us with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is within us. And it has brought us back into wholeness with God.

Then I remembered there are 365 “Do Not Fear” references in the Bible. These are reminders that fear cannot live in the same space with perfect love. So when we identify fear, we are at that moment separated again. Now we have to be conscious enough – awake enough – to take down the veil of separation and get back into his presence – be pre-sent with him. The doorway to being awake is the awareness that you are able to connect back to your I AM-ness. Speak into who you are in Christ and in God through the Holy Spirit as soon as you recognize, remember who you are!

Even when you have feelings of the past that come back up and you recall a bad memory about a situation or a person, you can be awakened and aware of those feelings and start speaking your I AM statements over yourself and be awake again to your truth.
So. Here’s my request of you: Start speaking your IAM today! What are things that you know to be true about who you are in God that you will start to speak over yourself and literally cancel out the fear and the doubt that you have allowed to creep in.

Wake up! Wake up!

I’ll be sharing more about this Awakening to Miracles. Stay tuned!

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