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Dr Mom's Pure Essential Oils First Aid KitTuesday night Topic Your Second Brain!

Find out What your Main Problems and Symptoms ARE and where they are stemming from…

Join us weekly for our Free Health/BizScents Tuesday Class Conf Call at
8:00 PM Central Call 712-432-0900 access code 485782#

This week is Cristina Campbell…YL Gold and Nationally registered, certified, Master Aromatherapist

SHE is amazing..did all the Life Publishing Dvds ..which I have ABSORBED! incredible wealth of knowledge….it is a treat that she is willing to take time for us…

DONT MISS THIS CALL! and invite others to attend this great class!

Activate Leadership Intensive” 10 seats left!!!

Crown Diamond Marcella Vonn Harting and Diamond Dr.Sharnael Wolverton

Denham Springs Louisiana (Right outside Baton Rouge)

Nov 9-10, 2012

Activate Leadership Training Intensive

7pm Friday Saturday 10-10 with breaks accordingly

This Conference is Designed to Train and Educate People in Health through Essential Oils and Ministry/Business.

If you are ready to go to the next level you need to be at this event.

When do you get a Crown Diamond and a Diamond in a small room at your finger tips?

NEVER…oh wait NOV 9-10!!!! Historic!

Don’t Miss It! LIMITED SEATING! only 10 Seats REMAINING!

https://swiftfire.org/itinerary/default.aspx?id=4922&minid=115 to register TODAY!!!!!

www.swiftfire.org to register NOW or info@swiftfire.org for more info or 225-791-7696

We are missing YOU!!!!!!

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His, Dr Sharnael


If God Could Help You…Writing A Book

Dr. Sharnael Wolverton and Husband David - Author, Speaker, Coach
Me and Hubby David


I never thought I would be a writer and now God has helped me publish 3 books! And I am currently working on 4 and 5 NOW!

Who would have thought that someone with all the challenges I have with letters and numbers that I could accomplish such FEATS!??

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? If God would help you write ONE BOOK!

What would you call it? And what would it be about???

Most enthusiastic comment gets a copy of one of my books FREE!!!!!

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts and dreams on this:)

Dr. Sharnael

Seers Handbook


BIG Question for YOU!

I am looking to read a GREAT book!

Any suggestions?? I love reading…”Readers are LEADERS”!

I am curious to see what you are reading so I can get the best book ever! help me out!:)

So here’s my Big Question for you: Whatcha READING????

Comment in the section below!

You Body Belongs to the Lord

Spreading the Joy Contest Free! 5mil of Young Living Joy Oil

Spreading the Joy Contest Free! 5mil of Young Living Joy Oil
What makes you happy?

You can see in this picture that being with my husband David makes me happy! 🙂

But let me share with you another thing that REALLY makes me happy: Seeing people healed, whole and functioning in their FULL Purpose, Health and Wealth for their life!

We often get great stories and testimonies from folks who have used our essential oils products and I love hearing them!

We decided to have a contest for this week to see who has the very best SWEET testimony regarding their experience with essentials oils.

Post all Testimonies in the comment section and the winner will be chosen next week! You can have up to 5 entries of different cool testimonies per person for us to chose from! And everyone is welcome! The winner gets a cool 5 mil bottle of YL JOY OIL!

So think about the coolest testimonies you have experienced with Young Living Essential Oils and share in the comment section below!:)

As you spread the JOY you also receive JOY!

Have fun!

Dr. Sharnael Wolverton 🙂

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Joy Essential Oil - Lift Your Spirits Instantly

GREAT call last Tuesday With Cristina Campbell

Cristina Campbell Special Guest Master Aromatherapist
GREAT call last Tuesday With Cristina Campbell Hosted By Dr. Sharnael Wolverton. Cristina is a YL Gold and Nationally registered, certified, Master Aromatherapist with over 35 years experience.

Everyone needs to hear this!

www.swiftfire.org/Free-Conference-Call-MP3/ Free Audio Teachings

SHE is amazing..did all the Life Publishing Dvds ..which I have ABSORBED! incredible wealth of knowledge….

She will also be with us next Tuesday Oct 23 at 8pm Central for another Free Call. Topic “Your Second Brain”

It is a treat that she is willing to take time for us…please be there for this call!:) and invite others to attend this great class!

Call 712-432-0900 access code 485782#

for more info www.swiftfire.org

Dont Be Lame! Follow Through With Your Word!

Sharnael Wolverton | Swiftfire Ministries | Young Living Essential Oils
Anyone is Ministry or Business…actually anyone who claims to be a leader, wants to be a leaders or just wants to be a good person as a baseline needs to constantly be aware of what we are saying with OUR MOUTHS.

What are we committing to? What are we promising?

Unfortunately, in the age we live, people rarely believe in a written contract let alone a hand shake or a verbal spoken statement. ( personally, physically and financially)

This is sad.

We as leaders, need to walk the the standard we are called to by making sure our WORD IS GOOD.

To avoid this trap, here are some simple guidelines:

1.Think before you talk

Know YOURSELF and what you can and cannot do …then set healthy boundaries with others. Don’t over commit and let people down.

2. Keep a Calender of appointments, events and commitments

3. Follow through

4. Apologize when you don’t!

5. MOST IMPORTANT! Don’t Do it again…or you will NEVER build trust! (That is, IF you get a second chance)

If and when you CHOOSE to do it again… especially with the same person , client, or group you will look flaky, lose credibility/trust, burn bridges, and give the human race a bad reputation.

If you truly want to be a trusted authority and stand out from the crowd, believe me, this will help you stand out and you will have great success in all area of your life.

Make sure your word is GOOD.

What do YOU think? Please post any tips you have in comments section ! Would love to hear your thoughts.

more info on sharnael www.swiftfire.org or www.drsharnael.com

Essential Oils: The All Natural Health Kit

Everyday Essential Oils: Nature's First Aid Kit - All Natural Health Kit

The most powerful, versatile, effective and affordable “Natural Health Kit” you will ever find-Young Living Everyday Oils to order now go to www.drsharnael.com

Is there a “natural” product kit in your home or office that will give you relief from literally hundreds of everyday health problems, quickly, safely and without any synthetic chemicals?

Or are you the kind of person that reaches for

â– aspirin for a headache?

â– antacid for indigestion?

â– anti-inflammatory cream for sore muscles?

â– antibiotic cream for a cut?

â– lotion for a bug bite?

â– pills to get to sleep at night?

â– chocolate to relieve stress or a bad mood?

â– bleach to get rid of mold?

â– first aid cream to heal a burn?

â– herbs or drugs to boost your immune system?

â– alcohol or overeating to relax?

Yes,I know! I used to be the same way! When I had a headache, I’d run into the medicine cabinet, get a tylenol, and would pop it into my mouth. I did that all of my life! Years of toxins flooding my body and I never even know how much I was hurting rather than helping my body. Sure, it masked the symptoms, but what was it doing to my stomach, my liver, my kidneys, and so forth?

I am so thankful someone cared enough to share with me that there was an alternative: an “all natural health kit” of everyday oils that could be used from morning to night. What if you had one little kit–small enough to carry in a purse or briefcase–with a collection of everyday oils that you could use, one or two drops at a time, to manage all those every day kind of problems and many, many more? And without the use of any synthetic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or drugs of any kind?

Essential Oils Natural Health Kit Alternative To Pills and DrugsWhat if you found an American company that’s been providing just this kind of relief to hundreds of thousands of people for over 15 years? And what if it turned out that by using this one, all natural health kit you didn’t need to rely on other lotions, creams, pills, and guesswork so that you ended up both feeling better and saving money?

Young Living Essential Oils is exactly that kind of company, and their “Everyday Oils” kit is exactly that kind of product.

The Everyday Oils Kit is a perfect way to start using and benefiting from our therapeutic-grade essential oils. Once you experience these essential oils and their many daily uses,you’ll wonder how you ever survived without your Everyday Oils!

9 essential oils come in this Everyday Oils kit: frankincense,lavender,lemon,peppermint,peace and calming,purification,pan-away,thieves,and valor.

PLUS: You will receive 2 FREE additional oils, Lavender and Peppermint. , FREE consultation, Free Practitioner Coach for personal help and TRAINING for ONE YEAR! PLUS, you will receive a FREE $40 off mail in coupon for a diffuser to diffuse the oils in your work, home, office, school, or even in your hotel room!  to order now go to www.drsharnael.com

Here is some brief information on each essential oil

Frankincense Oil:

* Sweet warm balsamic aroma

* Stimulates and elevates the mind

* Helps overcome stress and despair

* May repair DNA damage

* Cancer – Frankincense is anti -tumoral. Several documented cases

Lavender Oil:

* Fresh,sweet floral aroma

* Cleanses minor cuts and bruises

* Highly regarded for skin

* Helps body adapt to stress

Lemon Oil:

* Strong,purifying,citrus scent

* Revitalizes and uplifts

* Powerful antioxidant action

* Supports nervous system

Peppermint Oil:

* For soothing digestion

* Supports liver &respiratory system

* Improves taste and smell

* Triggers sensation of fullness

Peace &Calming:

* Calms tensions and uplifts spirit

* Promotes relaxation and deep peace

* Comforting to overactive children


* Soothes insect bites,cuts and scrapes

* Helps purify air impurities

* Topical or aromatic use

Pan Away:

* Soothing to skin

* Provides comfort to muscles

* For aromatic or topical use


* 99.96% effective against airborne bacteria

* Supports immune system

* Dietary,topical or aromatic uses

Valor: * Increases feelings of strength and courage

* Helps with fears,anxieties,stage fright

* Supports energy alignment of body– called the “chiropractor in a bottle”

to order NOW www.drsharnael.com

Recorded Training Call with Shawn Bolz

“Accelerate You Market Place Call Series, Special Guest, Shawn Bolz”

Recording of tonight’s call with Shawn Bolz If you missed it….. Really Great!!!!. If you are a Business Owner or a Christian looking for ways to grow your Skill Set in Business. You need to Listen to this Call.

WOW! Thanks Shawn Bolz for an amazing call! Click Here to Listen to The Call or play back 712-432-0990
Shawn Bolz Marketplace Training Call With Dr. Sharnael Wolverton