Anne Hamilton & Dr. Sharnael Names, Etymology and Gods Poetry

Author Mathematician Anne Hamilton and Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon discuss frequency, call, cymatics, Names, Etymology and Gods Poetry….

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Topics include:

  • Creating Your Life
  • Frequency and You
  • The Bio-Field
  • Split Energy
  • Kingdom vs KingDome
  • Re-Coding Your Timeline
  • Frequency Hopping
  • Trauma Loops and Signature Codes
  • The Royal Law
  • Miracles Happen!
  • And more!

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Questions To Ask Yourself In These Times – Swiftfire True TV with Craig Walker & Dr. Sharnael

Tune in to this Swiftfire True TV episode with Dr. Sharnael & Craig Walker discussing these times we are in and the questions to ask ourselves.

โšก๏ธCraig Walker Musician Truther Researcher of the esoteric and seeks to combine his love of spirituality into his music. He plays drums for Nth Ascension and can be found at (Facebook Nth Ascension Music). He also runs a UK based online Crystal shop with his wife Emma which can be found at

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