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I apologize that this is a week late things have been a bit crazy in the transition .

Just giving you a heads up that Becky Williams (Rebecca Williams Full on Purpose) left without notice last week.

So as we transition please vote our victory and please be patient as we move forward with not only this and hiring training a new PA but also launching our new website!

As of now, please understand anything regarding Becky Williams, Rebecca Williams or Full on Purpose does not represent me or Team Swiftfire or Swiftfire Ministries International in anyway .

We thank you so much for your prayers and love over the years and we look forward to continuing to be serving you in 2018 and Beyond!!

I love you all from my whole heart!

Dr. Sharnael

Btw Update on Keto ! Not only reports of average 4-32 pounds transmuted in 20 days but reports of clarity, spiritual dreams, ideas, connections, immunity issues gone, and several able to get off meds !

We are starting Challenge Feb 1-21 for those who have missed the first one.

This group will be private and limiting how many!

Def join us for more education, accountability, fun, and lots of motivational Give Aways !!!


Prices go up tomorrow at midnight 🙂

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