Accept the Dark with DrSharnael

With so many changes going on I started thinking about our concept of “dark .” We have been programmed that dark is bad haven’t we ?

Dark versus light, cowboys wearing white hats are “good” and black hats “bad”. Even Star Wars, Darth Vader on the “dark side.” And phrases like “wow that’s really dark “ referring something morbid or difficult. Even working at the animal shelter less black dogs and cats are adopted than other animals.

Scripture refers in Song of Solomon “I am dark, YET lovely“ inferring even though I’m dark (like that is bad ) ….. I’m still lovely. Except, here is the kicker, scripture doesn’t say “I’m dark ‘yet’ lovely.“

The real translation is “I am dark AND lovely.“ Wow!!

Listen up as I share some enlightening realizations that may help you shift your approach to the dark aspect of things.

Some benefits and or take aways of the “dark “:

  • Why be aware of the dark
  • Physical and health benefits of the dark
  • The dark and Re-Membering Gratitude
  • Avoiding vs. Accepting the dark
  • The dark and it’s role in Authenticity & Integrity

Below you will also find a bonus video class with my Holiday Must Have’s to support your overall wellness. I hope this helps and would love your feedback!!

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