21 to Life Keto Challenge FLASH SALE!

FLASH SALE with Dr. Sharnael! ❤️

Tag 3 people and Share on your page NOW for a chance to win a Free Envision Oil

21 day to Life Keto Challenge January 3-23! 

Get Your Tickets —> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/21-day-to-life-keto-challenge-tickets-41611301523

Ready to Start Making Wise Healthy Choice that Support Divine Health?

Ready to do this with LIKE minded people all with ONE WON focus together?

Ready to RE-member and RE-MIND the Brain and Body thru amazing Education/Programming and Practice?

Ready to See and BE the strong Divine Health that you ARE?

Ready to Re-Member and Re-Mind the tools we have to support us daily?

Ready to Support your Body not just Physically, Mentally but Emotionally?


Well HERE IT IS…..HERE YOU ARE…Ready now lets do this and BE the Victory (Nike) we are together!

Jan 3-23 we are hosting a support group full of education, support, programming and FUN to RE-Member and RE- Mind our health Sugar free lIfe!

There will be videos, articles, recipes, and LITERALLY hundreds of dollars worth of drawing to keep you in the game.

Once you have registered we will add you to the group for more details . Please inbox me so we can add you to the group


To BE ELIGIBLE by Jan 5th I require: YOUR current weight, measurements for R Bicep, L Bicep, Chest, Waist, Muffin, Hip, L Thigh, R Thigh and each Calf.


TO BE ELIGIBLE by Jan 5 I will require: pictures of you front, front flex, side profile, back and back flex with a sign holding the words “I AM Divine Health”

These can be inboxed to me via fb or posted in the group…I encourage you post!

By Jan 23 by midnight I require all that over again to compare and a winner will be announced once I get all this in! The winner will be whoever “lost” the highest percentage in weight…to make it fair.


First prize gets a 100.00 Visa credit towards Young Living Items

I’ll be giving away other fun prizes too ! Plus the drawings!

PLEASE LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW ABOUT THIS AMAZING epic OFFER! More fun in groups with friends !

TAG 3 and SHARE on your personal page for a chance to win ENVISION

Due to the Nature of the Challenge NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS OF ANY KIND PERIOD!

GET YOUR TICKET HERE NOW to midnight Jan 1 or only 24.99!

After midnight Jan 1 the ticket goes up to $29.99!

ANYONE is allowed to be in the group FREE but ONLY those who register and turn in the pictures and measurements weight will be eligible to win any of the many drawings and prizes in the contest itself. I will be doing several drawings WEEKLY for those eligible!  CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

I am seeing this as a great way to get to support your healthy life style for 2018!

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