21 Day To Life Keto Challenge Feb 1-21!

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Update on Keto ! Not only reports of average 4-32 pounds transmuted in 20 days but reports of clarity, spiritual dreams, ideas, connections, immunity issues gone and several able to get off meds!

We are starting Challenge Feb 1-21 for those who have missed the first one or would like to keep going!

This group will be private and limiting how many!

Def join us for more education, accountability, fun, and lots of motivational Giveaways !!!

Ready to Start Making Wise Healthy Choice that Support Divine Health?

Ready to do this with LIKE minded people all with ONE WON focus together?

Ready to RE-member and RE-MIND the Brain and Body thru amazing Education/Programming and Practice?

Ready to See and BE the strong Divine Health that you ARE?

Ready to Re-Member and Re-Mind the tools we have to support us daily?

Ready to Support the Body not just Physically and MENTALLY but Emotionally?


Well HERE IT IS…..HERE YOU ARE…Ready now let’s do this and BE the Victory ( NIKE) we are together!

Feb 1-21 we will host a support group full of education, support, programming and FUN to RE-Member and RE- Mind our health Sugar free life!

There will be videos, articles, recipes, and LITERALLY hundreds of dollars worth of drawing to keep you in the game.

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Keto Testimonies

I have made this a keto stuff a lifestyle and choose to do the Next Keto Challenge with you, if you could please send me the code. Thank you for instilling in me a healthy life. Yes, I amAwake and been cleaning at 2am thanks to my abundant energy  – Sheila Wilson

This is my second challenge since October. I am 58 years of age and have struggled with weight since the my early twenties. I tried every diet you could possibly think of and always gained it all back with more added. I basically gave up and was surrendering to be overweight. But two years ago, YLEO came into my life. I was on meds for diabetes, High Cholesterol, and HBP. After researching and changing some of my life style, and adding the oils to my life, I have been able to get off some of these meds. Then Dr Sharnael and Becky offered this Keto challenge in October. I joined the challenge, learned, and researched Keto. I managed to lose 25 lbs in 21 days. This challenge, so far I have lost an additional 10 pounds, making a total of 35 pounds gone since October. I have never felt better. I have energy like I was 20 years younger, actually enjoy yoga exercise; mental clarity allowing me to comprehend better and stay focused; and a positive healthy mental attitude allowing me to be free of depression. I feel good about myself!!! I give God all the honor and praise for helping and guiding me to really come to appreciate His temple as a temple. For using Dr Sharneal to educate me on the body like she does for all of us. I also just completed the Aroma therapy VISION bible study. This really was also a wonderful tool to get me focused on my vision in several areas, one of which is my Health. I have two post on my vision board which say “My body is a temple, I will not treat it as a trash can” and “The best most underutilized antidepressant is EXERCISE, and it is free”. This means a lot to motivate me to see how important it is to take care of the temple that HE has I trusted to me for me to take care of it. Feeding it poison (sugar) benefits no one but Satan. Therefore, I CHOOSE to be sugar free !! I CHOOSE to be what God intended for me to be physically, mentally, and spiritually, to my fullest ability which can only be accomplished without feeding my body poison. Lord, I choose this as my new life style and my prayer is for you to give my the strength to always keep you first and resist temptation. My prayer for all of you, is for you to never give up, stay strong and He will help you too. Thank you again, Dr Sharnael. for being obedient and giving to all of us of your time and knowledge.  – Renee jones

I have, in the past struggled and suffered DAILY with headaches. I’ve taken so much Tylenol its nuts!! Since I started this diet 11 days ago, I have only taken Tylenol once for severe flu like symptoms! NO MORE HEADACHES!! I have ALSO released 18 lbs!! Something like 26 inches! I have lots and lots of energy and focus! Im remembering stuff that I used to forget to do. I have NEVER fasted. I didn’t even think I could … These fasts everyday have helped me get back the control that I lost to food!!! Dr. Sharnael I’m so blessed to sit under your teachings and your loving ministry. You have done a great thing here within this group and within me. I love u big time!❤️❤️ – Jessica Sims Barnett

First time for a long time I don’t feel exerted going for a walk and stairs are easy! !!. I feel far less exhausted and was taking B12 injections but don’t feel I need them anymore! Yay!!! – Donna Maree

Hey so I have a praise report I just came back from the doctor and I’ve been on keto for last three months and I’m down 24 pounds! I WAS on three different medications for my blood pressure medicine and one for diabetes I am now off of one high blood pressure medicine and completely off my meds which was for diabetes praise God!! – Cindy Maxwell

I am so amazed by this challenge that started January 3rd! First of all it has gone by way too fast….yet another challenge is around the corner for me to join. My eyes have been opened to hidden sugars and carbs that was in my every day life! Because Dr Sharnael Wolverton Sehon’s love for us, inches have melted away, my joints feel like new, my sleep has improved! I have been exposed to great info on videos and posts that are life changers!!!! I am sugar free at the age of 61 and my journey will remain sugar free. I had no idea just what sugar did to our bodies. My daughter and husband have jumped on board enjoying cooking and eating Keto friendly dishes! They have learned by watching me prepare and explaining what to eat and what to avoid. My heart is full and I am so thankful that I joined this challenge! – Teresa Wages

16 lbs and 17-3/4 inches released. I have more energy-my students said that to me yesterday and last week another one said “You look taller.” My clothes are fitting better. It’s been easier to move without all the inflammation. I’ve increased my overall daily water intake and had more restful sleep. This challenge has been so good for me, so much better than I initially thought it would be and I think it’s incredible that Sharnael has made it so affordable, easy and FUN! How does she do that?  I’ve learned a lot about going Keto and see more clearly just how much my emotions have been intertwined with food choices in the past. I’ve met some amazing people in this group-there’s so much love here, and I’m looking forward to starting the next one in February. – Elena Malcom

I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for the Keto Challenge! I went into the challenge wanting to lose a few pounds, but more than anything, wanting to understand how to eat healthier in my everyday life. My husband and I both lost about 10 pounds each, and we have been loving the healthy meals! I feel like I have a much better understanding of healthy foods, & I love not being addicted to sugar & processed foods. Thank you for all the teaching videos & the encouragement! The way you have used your influence with friends & in YL to help change people’s lives is inspiring! ❤ – Jessica Boone

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