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Dr. Sharnael Wolverton-Sehon
Dr. Sharnael Wolverton-Sehon


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Dr. Sharnael Wolverton-Sehon is a Naturopathic Doctor, Minister and 5 time author who teaches on Divine Health and the Human Body.

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Un Billion Mindset with Marysol Uribe & Dr Sharnael

What Is a UN Billion Mindset ? Join Is and find out ❤️🎉❤️ The show premieres this coming Thursday Jan 05, 2023 at noon CST. Its a must watch……. @DrSharnaelTrueTV @1billion

Conscious Parenting Abby Lynn, Heidi Popp, Dr. Sharnael, & Craig Walker

Raise your children by parenting yourself. Conscious parenting is a child-rearing philosophy that encourages parents to make mindful, emotionally intelligent decisions in raising their children Join us this coming Thursday at noon CST as we adieu to 2022, with our very special guests Heidi Popp and Abby Lynn to explore more on how to follow …

Winter Solstice with Laura Eisenhower Dr Sharnael and Craig Walker

Winter Solstice with Laura Eisenhower Dr Sharnael and Craig Walker The Winter Solstice or the December Solstice, is the point at which the path of the sun(opens in new tab) in the sky is farthest south. At the Winter Solstice, the sun travels the shortest path through the sky resulting in the day of the …

The Contact Lily Nova , Craig Walker Dr. Sharnael

Are we alone in this vast universe? Some think that’s highly unlikely. With new technologies joining the search, NASA estimates we’ll find definitive evidence of aliens within 20 to 30 years. Which raises the vital question: And then what? Will the news inspire jubilation, despair, or fear? Will aliens be seen as gods or interlopers? …

Metaphysical Bible with Dr Steven Hairfield Dr Sharnael and Craig Walker

What is the metaphysical bible ? Come listen and find out ? Dr. Hairfield has quite a journey to unpack ! You won’t wanna miss this one ! Join us, this coming Thursday at noon CST with our very special guest Steven Hairfield to go on a journey of self-discovery. @Steven Hairfield @Dr. Sharnael True …

Universal Law Part 3 With Megan Rose Dr Sharnael and Craig Walker

The Universal Law is impartial . It works regardless of whether you believe . Universal law is a foundational law of life . How do we use it for our benefit ? Join us, this coming Thursday at noon CST with our very special guest Megan Rose, to understand more about the practical application of …

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Re-member the frequency of love and create miracles in your life with Dr. Sharnael’s newest book The Science of Miracles.

Abundant Health

Go on the Keto Reset journey with Dr. Sharnael. These simples steps will shift your life for the better!

Empowering Tools

Equip yourself with these beautiful educational cards to raise vibrations using the power of crystals, oils & perfected decrees! 

Spiritual Reflections

Signs, Wonders & Synchronization! Check out this book and activate now!

Activation Revelations

This book is for those choosing to shift the world through dreams, visions, impartation and activations.

Prophetic Guidance

Receive prophetic guidance to hear and understand God’s language as he speaks into your life.

Activate Your Gifts

Activate your God-Given intuitive gifts and upgrade your spiritual alignment with these powerful  intuition activations, exercises, and more!

Coaching & Remote Scans

A trained Doctor of Naturopathy, Dr. Sharnael provides one-on-one sessions for wellness, business, spiritual, and life coaching.

5G & EMF Protection

Read this urgent message from Dr, Sharnael on how regular household appliances could be causing your body to get out of balance and how to take the necessary measures to protect yourself and your family.  

EMF Thermographic

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Dr. Sharnael is passionate about reconciling all people to an integrative life: mind, body, and soul.

She does just that by teaching over 15,000 clients in over 44 countries, plus her influence on social media!

Her 5 books and the numerous teachings she has produced empower her audience on the topics of Divine Science and the Human Body including consciousness, epigenetics, quantum health, essential oils, nutrition, frequency, the biofield, juicing, conscious language, cleansing, detoxing, and way more!

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